TEAM stands for Together Everyone Achieves More!

We began our 2013 school year by participating in many fun TEAM activities. These activities helped us to get to know each other and settle in to the classroom routines. We have been working hard to create a happy and positive learning environment for all.

Read on below to find out more about some of the activities completed during TEAM weeks.

Motto and Mission Statement

As a class we decided on a motto and a mission statement for the year! To write these, we had to brainstorm how we wanted to act and learn throughout the year.

4/5P’s Motto

In 4/5P we learn with glee

We will always work hard this year

We know we can do it, no fear!

Come and see us in 4/5P.


4/5P’s Mission Statement

In 4/5P we will show respect and listen to others. We will be kind to everyone, encourage everyone and work as a team. We will always aim for 5 Star learning and behaviour.

Classroom Code of Cooperation

Our Code of Cooperation is a set of agreements we decided upon. They outline how we will behave and treat others in the classroom.

5 Star Expectations

As we said in our Mission Statement, we will always aim for 5 Star learning and behaviour. To make 5 Star learning and behaviour clear, we created these rubric. 3 Star is the minimum acceptable expectation, but we like to push and challenge ourselves so we always aim for 5 star!

Team Building Game – Build the Strongest Bridge!

This activity was so much fun (and a little bit messy if you look at one of the photos very carefully!) It was challenging because we had a time limit and a restricted number of materials. Our aim was to work together cooperatively to make the strongest bridge we could with only 10 items. We measured how strong each bridge was using unifix blocks to see how many the bridges could hold.


Group work posters

After completing the Build A Bridge activity, we talked about what makes a super team effort and a group work well together!

We also talked about some of the challenges groups face and how we might go about solving them. Here’s what we came up with…..

These posters are on display in our classroom for groups to refer to if they need to.


Sometimes bad things happen and problems arise. We can’t control some things but we CAN control how we react to problems! Here is our CATASTROPHE SCALE. We talked about what problems might happen at in the yard or the classroom. We had to ask ourselves,

“What type of problem is it?

How might we react?

What response should we give?”

An example of a green problem is losing a pencil. It’s a green problem because we could fix this problem ourselves.

A friend hurting themselves in the yard might be a red problem because we would need help from a teacher.

 Have you ever had a GREEN problem? How were you able to solve it yourself?

What was YOUR favourite activity in TEAM and why?


7 thoughts on “TEAM

  1. I really enjoiyed doing T.E.A.M!!! I liked making the self portrit, taking photo’s, and of corse caching up with friends!! 🙂
    Happy blogging 🙂
    Bailey 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Hi 4/5 P and world,
    We read carefully through this post and decided on our favourite activities!!!!!!!

    Our favourite thing was the team building game, where we have to build a strong bridge. Ours held all of the blocks.

    What was yours? Did you like building the bridges?
    Bye for now!
    Roma and Kaitlyn

  3. Hi guys, (and girls)
    We will be talking about our red problem’s and our green poblem’s. Tyler once had a red poblem. The problem was tha he got caught in a rip.Tyler waved his hand to try and get a life guard. The life saver came on a boat and saved His life!

    Bailey (me) once had a green problem. The problem was that someone poked me so I told them to stop and they did. Dobing is the wrong thing to do. Theres a diffrents between DOBBING AND REPORTING!

    Bye for now
    Bailey and Tyler 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Hi Bailey and Tyler

      It was interesting to read about your red and green problems and how you went about solving them. It’s great you were able to solve the problem yourself, Bailey!

      What a scary situation to be stuck in, Tyler! Definitely a red problem, but lucky there is always someone who can help you with red problems.

      Can you please talk a bit more about the difference between dobbing and reporting?

      Mrs Placek

  4. Hi everybody I realy like doing team! I enjoyed doing the bridges because we worked in teams. My group were going to make a big bridge but it did”ent stand so, we decided to make a small bridge. Did you like making the bridges? I ‘m sure that all the other classes would like to do bridges as well as us.My brother would like to make bridges with his classmates.

    bye for now. From Brian.

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