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“I choose a book by looking at the cover and reading a little bit of the inside. If I like it I take it and put it in my book box. I’m reading The Lion King at the moment. I understand it and I enjoy it.” – Alex

“I use the strategy Back Up and Reread when I’m reading to myself. I have to use it if I muck up a word. I go back and reread the whole sentence. I’m reading magazines about four wheel driving and a book called Jungle Friends.” – Hayden

“I like reading to myself because if I don’t understand I have strategies like Back Up and Reread to help me understand the story a bit better. I’m reading Lost in the Snow which I like because it’s exciting and cute!” – Scarlet

“I have a couple of books in my book box. I have also chosen two more from library. I found stories by Emily Rodda to read because she writes stories really well and she is one of the most famous Australian authors!” – Grayson

3 thoughts on “Read to Self

  1. Hi everyone,
    We think that read to self is fun because you get to enjoy your favourite book. What is your favourite book and why do you like it?

    Bye for now,
    Alani and Kayla

    • Hi Alani and Kayla,

      I am glad you are enjoying Read to Self, I hope you are finding all the reading strategies useful in helping you to become better readers!

      I love to read so I’m finding your question very tricky…. I don’t know that I could pick JUST ONE favourite book. My favourite author is Jodi Picoult and I love all of her books! I like her books because they are always interesting and present a story from the viewpoints of lots of different characters.

      I also love picture books like “Possum Magic”, you are never too old to enjoy a picture book!

      What is your favourite book?

      Mrs Placek 🙂

  2. Hi everybody,

    I like read to self because I can get a lot of reading done. I like that because I read interesting books.So it makes it fun for me.

    From Bradley

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