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Student thoughts on Listening to Reading

“You have to follow along with the author’s reading as you are listening. Then you can play activities at the end. I like Listening to Reading because I follow along with the author. I like people reading to me.” Olivia S

“I like Listening to Reading because I get to choose what stories I read. Last time I listened to a non-fiction book about whales. I learnt that orcas have a few different names like killer whale, killer and orca.” – Bradley

One thought on “Listen to Reading

  1. Hello bloggers,

    We love listening to reading because….

    – The stories are great!!
    -Its like read to someone
    -There are heaps of stories to choose from like – I like killer whales and I like to act.

    Bye for now,
    The mystery people from 4/5P!!

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