Book Reviews!

We are always on the hunt for new books to read or add to our library!
Please leave a comment telling us about your favourite book, or about a book you’ve recently read, and would like to recommend!

You review might include things like who might like to read the book, similar books or movies, a brief description of the plot (without giving too much away of course!), what you liked about the book and a rating out of ten! Please include the genre of the book!

Happy reading! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

29 thoughts on “Book Reviews!

  1. Hi it’s Brent,
    My favourites are the True Story books like the Don Bradman one …that’s one I read already. And I’m reading
    Who Am I now. I really like those sort of books and I’m enjoying it.
    From Brent

  2. Hey everybody!

    My favourite and recently read book series is the horrible science series and am reccomending it because it is an amusing book series and I prefer to learn using this series

    That’s all I have for recommendation, see ya’ll later

  3. Hi it is George speking,
    My favourite book is The day my bum went psyco because it has my brothers name in it.

    bye for now GEORGE.

    • Hi George,

      I have read The Day My Bum Went Phsycho too. I like reading it because I think it is funny and a bit silly.

      From Bradley

  4. To 4/5P
    I know a FANTASTIC book! It is a famous classic called Moby Dick.
    From Tyler the Tiger
    P.S Sorry

  5. Hi Bradley speaking,

    I am reading a sires called Animorphs. The book I am reading is called The Invasion. It is probaly amed at 7-12. It is about people who chage into animals. My ranking is 8 out of 10.

    From Bradley

  6. Hi,

    My favourite series is Pony Club Secrets and Canterwood Crest. I recommend those series for grade 3 and up. Canterwood Crest is about a girl who works hard to get into the advanced team, but their some sepbacks. Pony Club Secrets is about a girl named Isadora Brown who loves horses to death. She goes on a wild adventure to be an international horses rider. The genres are animal narratives. If you like horses i really recommennd these books for you.

    Bye for now,

  7. Hi 4/5P
    I’ve resontly read animals today. it is mainly a non fiction book about animals and insects. i would rate it 10/10 because it’s about education.
    From Nick

  8. Hello world!
    I reccomend Destiny and the wild horses. It’s a good book because It has a bit of a mystery and is very funny!
    The genre is animals and it is about a girl who loves horses and goes on a holiday that she thinks she won’t enjoy but she does.
    I rate it 10/10
    bye for now

  9. Hi 4/5p, πŸ˜‰

    I’ve been reading “Who Sunk the Boat?” I will give it 10/10 πŸ™‚
    for Natasha πŸ˜‰

  10. Alex: I like reading books about facts because they are interesting. The book of world records ultimate quiz challenge is my favourite book. I give it a 10 out of 10.
    Hayden: I like reading 4WD magazines because they have a lot of fishing, a lot of four wheel driving and you get to see the outback too. I give them a 10 out of 10

  11. Hey guy’s
    I have been reading a book calld Tom gates I would give it 99 out of 100!!! It is the best book ever!!
    I hope you get and start reading It!!!


  12. Hello world!
    I reccomend the book Pony Tails (Mays riding lesson). It’s about A girl named Mayer that fall off her horse and hurt her arm, So she could not ride.
    Its a good book and very funny. The genre is funny and animals.
    I rate it 10/10
    bye for now

  13. Hi everyone,

    My favourite book is called Tropicl Trouble. Tropicl Trouble is a great age group for grade three and up. Tropicl Trouble is about twins that go overseas to Barli and meets a cute boy on the way and also there is a annoying BROTHER with them on the hoilday. Somethings about Tropicl Trouble that I liked was it kind of reminded me of when my friend went on a hoilday and broght me back some braclets. The genre of Tropicl Trouble nattive.

    Bye for now,

  14. Hi 4/5P
    I’ve recently read the 26 storey treehouse
    it’s a fictional text about Andy and terrys treehouse i rate it 3/10
    From Cam.

  15. Hi Everyone,
    I am going to recommend Lizie Mcguire totally crushed.
    I think it would be suited for 10 to 15 year girls.
    It is about a 13 year girl and her wost enemy
    I would give it a 9 out of 10.
    would you like it?

  16. Hi,
    my favourite series are The Saddle club, Canterwwod Crest, Pony club Secrets and The Pony Pals. There all about horses, Canterwood Crest is about a girl who trains hard to get into the advanced team but when she shows her skills in the arena someones claws come out.The Saddle Club is about 3 girls who go to the same pony club and have wild adventures. Pony Club Secrets is about a girl called Isadora Brown and she has interesting adventures with her horses where ever she is. Pony Pals is about 3 girls who are best friends and live in Wiggins. I reccomend them all for grade 2 and up. The genres are narritives about animals. I give all of them a 10 out of 10

    Bye everyone,
    Gypsy 4/5P

  17. Hi everybody,
    My book is called Diary of a wimpy kid the last straw. It is by Jeff Kinney. It is one of my favourite books it is really funny. This is what it says on the blurb: lets face it Greg Heffely will never change his wimpy ways. Somebody just needs to explain that to Gregs father.

    see you later

    • Hi Alani that is Brian here,

      I sometimes read Diary of a Wimpy Kid I like this book because it is not too hard and not too easy.

      What other books do you read?
      Have you heard of the book called Moon Quest before?

      Bye for now Brian.

  18. Hi,

    I did a comment just and I forgot to rate my books! I gve all of them a 10/10! They are amazing. I really recommend them. They are all about HORSES!
    Has anybody read thoses books? Do you like them?
    Bye, Bye,

  19. Hi everyone,
    The book I am going to talk about is Diary of a wimpy kid the last straw. It is by Jeff Kinney. It is one of my favourite books it is really funny. This is what it says on the blurb: lets face it Greg Heffely will never change his wimpy ways. Somebody just needs to explain that to Gregs father.

    see you later

  20. Hi everyone,
    I am going to recommend dairy of a wimpy kid the third wheel.
    I think it would be suited for 8 to 10 boy and girls.
    it is about a boy named Greg and his best friend
    I would give it a 8 out of 10.

  21. Dear 4/5P
    I`ve read TWO FANTASTIC BOOKS! My first book is a series of non-fiction books, it is Steve Parish.

    My second book is a series of fiction books called The Owls Of G`hoole (TOOG).

    That’s all folks!

  22. hi everyone it’s Brian here.

    my favourite book is the book that I read in reading sessions, and the book is moon quest. I like book moon quest because you can get a choice of two paths and when, you do go on now paths the, story gets more interesting each step of the way.

    Bye for now,

  23. Hi,
    I recommend a book called Narnia it is also a movie that you can watch at your house. It is about 4 children that have to be sent away because there is an war going on in their country. I think that all boys and girls would like to read this book. This book is like an adventure book that you would read to anyone.I give about 6 stars because I quite enjoyed reading it. It reminds me of another book I read last year it is kind of the same to the book. This book is a nonfiction book that is so good to read.

    Got to go

  24. Hello World,

    My favourite book was called The New Girl At School.
    The age group for The New Girl At School would be grade 1 and up I think.
    Some similar books are Billie B Brown series, Go Girl series and Go Girl 2 series.
    The plot for The New Girl At School would be there was a girl called Ella and her little sister named Olivia. It was Olivia’s first day at primary school and she is soo excited about it. Their is a new girl in Ellas class and first Ella thought she was mean at the start. But then when Ellas class was watching a movie the new girl named Zoe was sitting on her own ella thought to invite her to sit with her and her friend.
    I liked it when Ella invited Zoe to sit with her and herr friend.
    I give the rating out of ten. 8/10 i think would be good for the book.
    The genre of the book would have to be a narrtive because it is a story.

    Got To Go Now,
    Olivia M

  25. Hello its Brian, Seth and Hayden

    Seth: My favorite book to read is Diary of a Wimpy Kid because its funny.
    Brian: My favourite book is Moon Quest because its choose your own adventure.

    Bye for now!

  26. Hi everyone its Brian here,

    My book to review is the 26 storey tree house. The book was authored by Andy griffiths and illustrated by Terry denton.

    there is a 13, 26 and 39 storey tree house, and soon there will be a 52 storey tree house.

    I like this book because its is funny and the books are just my type!!! I just finished the 13 storey tree house and starting the 26 storey tree house. I had read the 13 and harf of the 26 tree house series and stopped reading them so I started again.

    Are you reading the 13, 26 or 39 story tree house yet?
    do you want more tree house series? I do!!!

    Bye for now Brian.

  27. Hi it’s Roma,

    I love pretty much like all books. I don’t really like scary books or books about history.

    My favourites are Pony Club Secrets, Canter Wood Crest and Horse Mad series. They all about HORSES!

    Pony Club Secrets main character is Isadora Brown, (Issie)
    Canter Wood Crests main character is Sasha in the first book and most of the others are Lauren.
    Horse Mads main character is Ashleigh.

    Have you heard of any of these books?
    Bye for now,

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