About 4/5P

We are a group of 27 students in Grades 4 and 5 at Upper Plenty Primary School. Our teacher is Mrs Placek. Our principal is Mrs Laffan.

At our school we have eight classes. We have about 170 students in our whole school. The specialist subjects we do are Science,Β P.E. and Art. On Fridays we do Singing and P.E. & Health – they are just some of our rotations for the year! In P.E. & Health we have been practising for Cross Country and learning how to get fit. In Singing we have been learning a song called “Fireflies”.

We have five playgrounds, a sandpit and a basketball court. We have a rebound wall and an oval. We have lots of gardens and veggie patches. We are so lucky to have seen lots of positive changes over our school yard in the last few years! When we came in Prep, our school was much smaller.

We have mostly grade fours in our grade and some grade fives too. We have been back at school for three weeks now and have settled into our classroom nicely! We have made some mini people (they look like us!) and some posters about friendship. In our classroom we have set up a classroom library where the books are divided into different genres, such as Animals, Non-Fiction, Short Stories, History, Movies, Adventure, Fantasy, Funny Stories, People and many more! We have been learning CAFE strategies in Read to Self and Read to Someone.

In our TEAM program, we made lots of other displays for our classroom such as Cooperative Group Work posters, a Catastrophe Scale, 5 Star Book Work and 5 Star Lining Up expectations.

Our Inquiry topic is about Aboriginal history. So far we have looked at Dreamtime Stories.

….and of course we have just set up our classroom blog to keep everyone updated on all the exciting news! This year we are looking forward to camp, singing, cooking, sport and special days like athletics and swimming carnivals!

From 4/5P

Grayson, Roma, Olivia, Alicia, Mia, Gypsy, Tayla-Jade, Ebony, Kaitlyn, Kayla, Cameron, Seth, Olivia, Natasha, Nick, Alani, Tyler, Brad, Scarlet, George, Bailey, Brian, Alex, Ethan, Dylan, Brent, Hayden and Mrs Placek.

If you are visiting our blog we would love you to tell us about what do you do in your classroom and if you have any specialist activities.Β Do you have a blog that we can follow? You can also leave us feedback on our blog if you like!






18 thoughts on “About 4/5P

  1. Hi its Olivia

    My favourite thing so far has been getting to meet very new people like preps and others in our grade!!
    I like having new people!
    Do you like having new people?
    Yes I do have a blog we can follow room to with a veiw!!
    Bye for now

    • Hi Ethan
      Do you like having a new class blog?
      Olivia S πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. Hi 4/5P it’s Mia
    I think it’s grate that we get to use the i pads every Thursday now don’t you?
    I’m also happy because sometimes it can get boring when you don’t see your friends for a long time (:
    By for now from Mia (:

  3. Hello Mrs Placek and class
    We are a 3/4 class from Mrs Placek’s old school
    I really liked looking at your blog especially all the learning you have put up
    We are new to blogging and it has given us lots of new ideas
    What is your favourite thing to do on your blog page?
    Please visit our blog page and see what is happening with us.
    Mrs Beer and class

    • Dear Mrs Beer and 3/4B

      Thank you for visiting our blog and for commenting! We love to get new comments and talking to new classes. Good luck in your blogging adventures! It is so much fun and a great way to share our learning with others.
      Our favourite thing about blogging is getting to talk to new people and have people visit us. We love to comment on our blog.

      We will definitely visit your blog and see what you have been up to!

      From Mrs Placek and 4/5P

  4. Hello everyone it is Brian and Ethan here.

    The book that Ethan has being reading to bende in reading shions is I wish that I had duck feet and Ethans scor out of ten is 10/10.Ethan likes this book because it is funny and chaling.

    the book that Brian has being reading is Moon quest and a littil summrey is that your parents are on the moon.You enjoy your life there, but you are curious to explore the strange places out siaheadde your protectove dome.Will you prepared for the dangres that lie ahead?

    bye for now Brian and Ethan.

  5. Hi 4/5P
    I have just been visiting your blog. I looked at it when you first started and thought it was greatbut now it is AMAZING!!
    You are doing a fantastic job, keep it up.
    I look forward to reading more about you class in the future.
    From Mrs Placek’s Mum πŸ™‚

  6. Hi everyone,
    Its Olivia M here from 4/5P.
    This year we have a few new people in the school.
    Some of us have little sisters or brothers in prep. I like having new people in my class. My little sister is going to be in prep next year, her name is Calleigh.

    I wonder what teacher Calleigh will have next year?
    Is anyone elses little sister or brother going to school next year?
    Is anyuones little brother or sister in grade prep this year? I wonder who will have Calleigh as a buddy next year?

    Bye for Now,
    Olivia M

  7. Hi 4/5P,

    Thanks for visiting our blog! We enjoyed reading your comment and responding to your questions. We couldn’t do it straight away because we were still on school holidays!
    If you visit us again you’ll see our replies.
    We also enjoyed exploring your classroom blog – we love making new blogging buddies!

    We look forward to blogging with you in the future!

    2/3B, Canberra

  8. Hi 4/5P,

    This is Natasha’s Nonna and I love to visit your blog and read what you have been doing. I hope you all have a wonderful time on school camp this week. I cannot wait to see your photos Natasha. xxxxx Love Nonna

  9. Hi 4/5P!!!!
    How are you doing at school.
    How is Leo? I hope he is feeling better.
    I am as busy as a hummingbird.

    Alex out!!!!!! :-]

  10. Hi 4/5P!!!!!!!!!!!! Is the bald eagle a proud national bird symbol of the United States? How many fox species are there? What do hedgehog’s eat? Where do Pygmy Possums live?

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