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On Wednesday 18th December the Grade 4/5/6 students hosted a magazine launch for Global UPdate, a magazine written by the students of Upper Plenty in collaboration with students from around the world.

Students, teachers, friends and family dressed in red, because all profits from the magazine are being donated to the Red Cross.

Nicole from the Red Cross came to speak to the audience about where the money was going to go, and presented the school captains with a certificate of appreciation on behalf of the Red Cross.

Mrs M from England Skyped with us to tell us about her experiences in assisting the students to write the magazine and we also spoke to Jeremy via Skype. He is currently in Sydney, on the home stretch of his 50,000km bike ride. Jeremy spoke to us about his travels and all of the interesting things he has seen and experienced.

Students sold the magazine at the launch and served red food and drinks. Some students spoke about their experiences writing a magazine and there was a student panel who answered questions from the audience.

It was a lovely morning and we all enjoyed celebrating our wonderful achievements.

We thank family and friends for coming, and Mrs M and Jeremy for Skyping with us. Thank you to Nicole for visiting on behalf of the Red Cross.

2 thoughts on “Magazine Launch

  1. Hello Mrs. Placek and students 4/5,
    We loved getting our copy of the magazine. It was awesome! Much more than I had expected it to be. I know all the boys and girls and teachers had a lot of work to do to get it published on time. I hope we can help you out with another endeavor at some point.
    I hope your summer vacation is going good and that you are having nice weather for it.
    Our weather is all over the place from extremely cold, extremely rainy, and then today is bright blue skies and right now temps in the 50’s F. We are almost half way through our school year.
    Love the looks of your new classrooms. It looked like there was a lot to do over the holidays to be ready when we looked at Ms. Crowther’s video.
    Mrs. Todd

    • Hello Mrs Todd

      Thank you, we loved writing our magazine and we are glad you enjoyed it. We are hoping to write another one.
      We have one more week of school holidays then it is back to school.
      It has been extremely hot here. Last week we broke a record! It was over 41 degrees celsius for four days in a row, the first time that has ever been recorded. It was 44 degrees in the city on the hottest day. I think that is about 110 degrees for you. I know I was certainly relieved when the cool change came through!
      Our blog address for the new school year is We look forward to chatting with you and working with you on different projects.

      Enjoy your weekend
      Mrs Placek

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