Christmas Around the World!

Christmas is now less than one week away!

Today we read about how different countries celebrate Christmas.

Choose one of the countries we read about and write a summary. How do people in that country celebrate Christmas? What did you find the most interesting? What are some traditions in that country?

How does your family celebrate Christmas?


6 thoughts on “Christmas Around the World!

  1. Hello world,

    We chose to read about France!
    Some facts are: they get their presents in shoes!
    The restaurants are open all night!
    Children open their presents on the 6th of December.
    The meals are called “le reveillon”.
    The most interesting fact that we thought was: Children open their presents on the 6th of December.
    Goodbye and merry Christmas,
    Roma and Ebony

  2. Hi guys,

    We celebrate Christmas with lights, trees, sausages, and BBQ’s.Trees are weird because why celebrate with a tree?
    With presents.

    By for now,
    Brian and Bradley

  3. Hi 4/5 P,
    We love celebrating Christmas!
    We chose England to write a summary about:
    English people put candles on their Christmas trees branches. Children are not allowed to open their presents on Christmas morning they have to wait a while. They are allowed to open in the afternoon.

    On the 26th of December English families also celebrate Boxing day.
    Instead of putting their letters to Santa in the post boxes, they put them in the fire place.
    Our families celebrate Christmas by eating a big feast.

  4. Christmas in Mexico.

    Christmas in Mexico is a lot different to Christmas in Australia. The people in Mexico have a parade where they go from door to door just as Mary and Joseph did the night Jesus was born. After the parade they have a party and a piñata which is a clay bowl filled with lollies.

    They carve Christmas scenes in radishes.

  5. Christmas in Finland.

    People in Finland go to church on Christmas morning.

    Children in Finland have advent calendars and advent candles. The candles are in a special candle holder that holds four candles. They are lit the Sundays before Christmas.

  6. Christmas in Italy

    People in Italy celebrate Christmas from eight days before Christmas until January 6th. Their Christmas meal is spaghetti and anchovies. Befana brings the children gifts on Christmas Eve. Everyone takes turns to take a gift from the Urn of Fate.

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