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One of our major projects this term has been to publish a magazine. Our magazine, now published, is called ‘Global UPdate’ and tomorrow we are hosting a magazine launch for friends and family.

Writing our magazine has been a fun, rewarding and, at times, challenging task. It has involved a lot of hard work, dedication and enthusiasm to complete the magazine.

The magazine was first introduced to us by the teachers at the beginning of Term 4. We couldn’t wait to begin and had lots of ideas about what we might be able to include in the magazine. Our magazine was to focus on similarities and differences of the lives of children from all around the world.

After we had all chosen a topic, we began our research. Our research involved Skyping, blogging, emailing, interviewing and gathering information from books and the internet. We spoke with students and teachers from all around the globe – from Japan, China, India, Hong Kong, Germany, England and Canada.

Some of our articles include:

– Step into Schools

– Fun School Yard Games

– Collections

– Top Beats from Around the World

– Furry Friends From Far Away


– Natural Disasters…

and many, many more!

Our magazine are being sold for $15.00 and the profits are going to the Red Cross, who help people all around the world.

We are very excited about the official launch of Global UPdate tomorrow!

What did you write your article about? How did you gather information? What do you like to read magazines about?

5 thoughts on “Global UPdate Magazine

  1. Hello Everybody!

    Posting this before the launch in the morning, anyway my article is about (SPOILER ALERT)
    short 100 Word stories.I cannot answer the second question so I’ll answer the third one, the type of magazines I read are the S.S.A.A. ones (A.K.A. Sporting Shooter’s Association of Australia) the best parts I believe is how to save your shooting money.

    As I said in the second paragraph I could only answer two of the required three questions but I
    at least answered some so that’s how I end this paragraph. Good bye and good luck to you Alexander!

  2. Hi everyone this is Brian and Bradley here,

    What Bradley would like to read about is: Motorbikes, cars and people doing tricks on motorbikes.
    what Brian would like to read about is Motorbikes, crusty demons and scooters.
    Brad’s article was on natural disasters. Brian’s was on collections. all Brian’s information was from Hong Kong, England and America. Brad’s was from anywhere in the earth. Skype and Email was in usage a lot.

    Brian and Brad are out bye-bye

  3. Hi 4/5P,

    The magazine was lots of fun! We enjoyed it a lot and we are hoping to be able to make another one next year about something else.

    Kaitlyn did her article with Roma. Their article is about pets (It was titled ‘Furry friends from Australia.
    Tayla-Jade’s article wasn’t done with anyone. She did two articles and they are about Celebrations from around the world and comparing schools with what they have at school. They are titled Celebrations and School Profiles.

    Both of us gathered information by E-mails.

    We love reading magazines about horses because we LOVE horses so much!

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year!
    From Kaitlyn and Tayla-Jade 🙂 🙂

  4. Hi class,

    Just a quick comment here for our split work. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉

    George and I were in the same group. We did ours on Yuck, Strange, Funny, Weird, But True STUFF!! We really enjoyed working on our topic. The topic really matched us because we are Yuck, Strange, Funny, Weird, and that is the topic we worked on!!!

    It was also really exiting when our mission was complete. Once we had done the last finishing touches we had finished!! The second we finished we both high-fived each other! 😉 It was a really good moment!!

    Yesterday was our magazine launch, where we gave out all the magazines and sold some more. We all had to dress up in red because all the money that we made was given to Red Cross. Red Cross is a helping foundation for people in need around the world. Nicole from Red Cross came to speak to us about the helpful Red Cross foundation. Red Cross can help people if:
    – someone’s house has burnt down
    – if something is stolen
    and for many other reasons.

    At our wonderful launch we also talked to Mrs Monaghan on Skype. Mrs Monaghan is the teacher of a class in England called Room Two. Room Two gave us lots of information for our articles.

    We gathered our information by using Skype, books and Google.

    George and I like to read magazines about all different things like:
    -yuck things
    -funny thing
    -gross things
    -weird thing
    -strange things
    -new thing coming out

    We think magazines are really, really cool 😉
    We have really enjoyed working on our article and really hope we can make another!

    Just a really, really, really BIG thankyou to Miss Crowther and Mrs Placek for letting us do the wonderful project!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I (Bailey) have got one magazine for my self and one for the family. George has go 3 magazine’s for his family.

    Did you know that we got the name “Global UPdate” because UP stands for our school Upper Plenty and Global means around the world.

    Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year! And see you all next year!

    Got to go
    From Bailey and George 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂       

  5. Hi 4/5P this is Mia and Natasha,
    We think the Magazine Launch was fun and inspirational. We learnt a lot about Jeremy Scott like how he has almost finished his bike ride from England to New Zealand. Our magazine was about comparing and sharing different things around the world.

    My article was called ‘Top Beats Around the World’ and compared music played here to music played somewhere else in the world.
    My group researched and emailed.
    I like to read quizzes and celebrity gossip. – Mia

    My article is called ‘Natural Disasters! You can’t run, You can’t hide!’ It is about different kinds of Natural Disasters. We got our information from the Internet, books and Inquiry topic in class. I like reading magazines that have quizzes and real-life related things.

    Natasha and Mia.

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