Summarising non-fiction text

In reading we have been learning how to summarise texts. A summary needs to include main ideas and it must be in your own words. It also has to be short.

We have practised summarising both fiction and non-fiction text. On Friday the non-fiction text we summarised was called Inspirational Lives: Jamie Oliver.

In pairs, we each had a double page to summarise. We did ‘Read to Someone’ then summarised each section of our double page, including all of the main ideas in our own words. Next, the class presented their summaries to each other, in order of the book. By the time everyone had presented, it was like we had read the whole book because we knew what happened from start to finish!

Finally, we each wrote a summary of the whole book.

This is Roma’s summary:

Jamie Oliver is a TV Chef. He loves to cook. He went around the country to different schools. He was horrified that the children ate so much junk food. He wrote a petition for everyone to sign. Many people signed it and the Government changed the rules, so that lunches and school dinners were much healthier. Growing up in a pub meant that Jamie could cook. He loved to cook for others. Jamie thought that you didn’t have to be good at school to be a great chef.

This is George’s summary:

Jamie Oliver grew up in a pub. Jamie got to cook when he was young. He loved cooking food for other people. Jamie thought that you didn’t need to be good at school to be a chef.

What did you learn about Jamie Oliver?
When have you used summarising, outside of the classroom?

One thought on “Summarising non-fiction text

  1. Hi 4/5P and Mrs Placek,
    I loved summarising texts, It was so fun!
    I liked summarising the text Jamie Oliver! I worked with Bradley.

    I liked the bit after we worked in a group and we had that little test to see how we summarise a text!
    I read that Jamie Oliver and his parents wanted to own a pub! Imagine if you owned a pub!

    Imagine if Jamie Olivier went on the blog! That would be really cool!

    Who did you work with?
    Is he still alive? I am not sure?

    From Olivia

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