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The Edublog Awards are in their tenth year and nominations are now open! We are very lucky and happy that we have been nominated for Best New Blog. We love blogging and meeting new people.

Our nominations are as follows:

Best class blog: Miss Crowther and 5/6JC

Best group blog: Mrs Todd and Rocky River

2 thoughts on “Edublog Awards

  1. Dear Students and Ms. Placek,
    Thank you for our nominations. It’s exciting as it’s our first year to be nominated for the awards. We love seeing new comments on our site and we love reading and learning all the new post on other bloggers sites.
    How many of you are fourth graders and how many are fifth graders?
    What is your favorite thing you’ve learned this year from blogging post?
    What have you found to be similar or different in different places of the world?

  2. You are welcome – we have enjoyed learning things from you this year.
    We have 21 grade fours and 6 grade fives in our grade this year. Some of our school’s grade fives are in another grade. How many grade fours and fives do you have at your school?

    We have learnt so much this year through blogging. We have learnt about Asia. That was our topic in Term 2 at school. We had a Skype call with students in Victoria because they were learning about Asia too and we quizzed each other.

    We have learnt about different countries through collaborating with students from many different countries.

    Some students had different lunches to us. For example, we bring lunch from home and some students had lunch cooked at school and they ate altogether in a hall.
    Our environments were different. It is hot here at the moment because we are almost in Summer. One school had snow on the ground!

    Our music and hobbies were the very similar. We found out the same songs were popular on the radio and we had a lot of the same favourite artists.
    Our learning was very similar. We spoke to a school in England and they were doing division in maths, same as us at that time!

    We are very lucky to communicate with other people all over the world and have so many different options. Our teachers remember when there was no internet, no Skype and no blogs or Twitter, and you had to sometimes wait weeks for ‘snail mail’! We find that very hard to imagine because we have always had many ways of communicating.

    From Mrs Placek & 4/5P

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