Guinea Pigs Come to School! By Bailey

Today we had some guinea pig guests in our classroom.
On Sunday 10th November Maxi the mum had five baby guinea pigs. They have black, white and brown fur. Two are curly, two are straight-haired and one is fluffy.
3 more guinea pigs at home are pregnant too and are ready to have their babies any day now.

Here are some facts about guinea pigs:
They eat apples, lettuce, cucumber, carrot, dry cereals, grass, bread, watermelon, rockmelon, muesli and guinea pig seed.
Sometimes there are guinea pig competitions where guinea pigs are dressed up and win prizes.
Their lifespan might be 5-10 years but sometimes shorter. The longest I’ve had one is 6 years.
They live in cages, pens or hutches.
They sleep in hay or wood shaving. They also eat their beds!

All of 4/5P enjoyed having the guinea pigs visit.

What would you name five baby guinea pigs?
Do you have guinea pigs or are you going to get one?
What pet/pets do you have and how do you look after it?