Music: Count Us In!

Since 2007 the initiative Music: Count Us In has celebrated music in Australian schools. At the same time on the same day, students from primary schools and secondary schools sing the same song.

This year, on the 31st October at 12.30pm, over half a million students sang ‘Keep On’. The song was written by students around the country who won a songwriting competition. There was a live stream from 11.45am from Melbourne and at 12.30pm there was a countdown and everyone sang together.

This year was the first year that UPPS participated in Count Us In. Here are some photos from today’s live stream and performance.

Have you ever done a music performance before?
What do you think next year’s song should be?

5 thoughts on “Music: Count Us In!

  1. Hi class,
    We really enjoyed being part of the “Count us in” program. We liked the song, we sung, it was fun to sing it!!!

    Next years song we reckon should be a song that is mixed with lots of other songs, now that would be cool 🙂

    Got to go,
    Bailey Tyler

    P.S We are actually in a grade split class because we are not doing swimming 🙂

  2. Hi 4/5 P
    I have done a few music performances before including guitar performances.
    I think next years song should be about animals, growth and spring.
    It would be great to take part in it again!

    Happy Blogging!

  3. Hi everyone,
    I have been in a music performance before. I have been in quite a few. In my dance concerts (I have done about 6) I do singing so I have done a bit.

    I think next years song should be about friendship and respect.

    Got to go,

  4. Hello everyone,
    I really liked doing the music count us in. I liked the song Keep On. It had a nice beat to it. Once the song got up to build a bridge, fly a plane, make someone smile again everyone got really loud. I think we did better then the 5/6’s. Maybe that was because we had practised more then them. I have been in a music performance before at school. Last year I did the band with Ash and we sang that at the school concect. I think Bailey’s and Tyler’s idea for next years song was a great idea.

    Go to go,
    Olivia M

    • Hi Olivia

      I liked the song Keep On too. I had never heard it before but then I realised that it was written by students. They did a great job creating a catchy song, don’t you think? My favourite part was the “Build a bridge, fly a plane” part too! You were all very loud in that part.

      I think our school should do Count Us In next year, do you?
      What song would you pick?

      See you at school
      Mrs Placek

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