Our Amazing Art Show!

Last night at UPPS the students and parents came back to school to view all of the amazing art work on display.

The Central Learning Space was transformed into an art gallery for the evening, with paintings, sculptures, lanterns, tie-dyed clothing on display. It looked fantastic!

The Grade Ones performed some songs and some of the students from each grade made speeches about what they had been doing in art with Mrs Lewis this year.

Here are some photos of the artwork:

Have you ever been to an art show before (apart from the UPPS Art Show?
Have you ever had your work put into an art show (apart from the UPPS Art Show?)
What was your favourite piece in the art show?

5 thoughts on “Our Amazing Art Show!

  1. Hi 4/5p,
    I’ve never been to an art show but I have had some of my art work entered into the local show. My favourite art display was the sculpture’s.
    Bye for now
    From Dylan

  2. Hi 4/5P,
    The art show was Awesome! Even though I didn’t go it looked awesome.

    1)No I’ve never been to a different art show besides the UPPS art show I’ve gone to the UPPS art show once or twice.

    2) If the Whittlesea Show counts yes i entered a few pieces of work a few years ago but i didn’t get a prize or a reward πŸ™

    3) My favourite piece of the art show had to be those cute little penguins πŸ˜› and their awesome habitat which was creative and looked simple anyway it was a awesome piece anyway πŸ™‚

    Thanks for your time to look at this awesome comment but I gotta go see-ya 4/5P

  3. Hello 4/5 P,

    The Art show was so colourful and amazing .Everyone thought it was amazing. The Tm burton characters were amazing so was the t-shirts they looked really colourful and the lines on the t-shirts looked cool.

    The big stars were very big they would look great at night. It was great how there was a room with some of our lanterns lit up. Everyone was playing with the bubbles and the sand.

    It was fun making the sushi for the art show you got to do lots of things. We made lots of sushi.

    The night was very fun and looking at the art.

    Bye for now
    From Brent

  4. Hi Mrs Placek and 4/5P,
    The art show was amazing. On Friday morning we had to do a retell with the art teacher Mrs Lewis! πŸ™‚ The retell was really fun!:) πŸ™‚ My favourite thing at the art show was the lanterns and the magic sand, I really want to try and make the magic sand on my own at my place!!!!!! It looked amazing and felt awesome!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚ Yes I have been to an art show in Queensland there famous peoples work. It was awesome. No, I have never put an art piece into another art show, but I have at the Whittlesea show!!!!
    My favourite piece I put in would be my pink mouldy ice cream!! It is now at my house sleeping!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    Bye for now got to go:(
    Happy blogging
    Olivia S

  5. Hi 4/5 P
    I love looking at the art work people have made. It is also cool to see your own art work too!
    I have not been to a art show apart our schools art show! The art show gets better each year! Lots of improvements have been made since it started a few years ago.

    I have had some in the Kilmore art show a few years ago.
    My favourite part in the art show was the penguin display! The sculptures looked cool as well!
    happy blogging

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