JSC Sports Afternoon

Today we enjoyed an afternoon of games run by the JSC Council as part of our Sports Dress Up Day.

Here are some photos from the day:

Well done to all of the members of the Junior School Council who organised this day for us!

2 thoughts on “JSC Sports Afternoon

  1. Hi 4/5 P,
    I just had a look at the photos from the JSC Sports Afternoon. You all looked to be having fun. What a nice day to have during the last week of term.
    From the photos, it appears that AFL was the most popular sport, followed by basketball.
    Thank you for sharing the photos 😀
    From Kerry

  2. Hi 4/5P,
    Olivia tells me that they had a great day dressing up in their favorite sports gear.
    Sport is good for everyone and i hoped you all enjoyed the day.
    Who do you think was the most popular team on the day?
    My team is Essendon so I hope they play well next year. I hope you all enjoy your holidays
    Gran (mouser)

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