2 thoughts on “100 Word Narratives

  1. Hello 4/5 P
    Kaitlyn’s responses are:
    1) a mystery in the forest
    2) beginning because you can decide what it’s about and how you like to make stories
    3) No, at first I thought it was a little weird at first.
    Mia’s responses are:
    1) The capture
    2) beginning so you can write the problem .
    3) I thought my end was weird
    Roma’s responses are:
    1) Dimity and Sprinkles
    2) beginning so you can chose the problem
    3) no because it was solved weirdly

    Who did you write yours with?
    see you later!
    From Kaitlyn, Roma and Mia.

  2. Hello everyone,

    The one hundred word narratives were so fun!
    We read some and liked them all!
    What was your favourite story?
    Natasha story was about a Haunted House and she would prefer end because she think she could write a good ending. Natasha got a good shock she did not think that was how her story would have ended.
    Ebony was story about a Tiger she would prefer to the start, because she like to see what other class can think of!

    Got to go
    Ebony and Natasha

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