Mystery Excursion!

It all started when 4/5P and 5/6JC got called over the loudspeaker to go to their classrooms. We were wondering what was happening. We saw the lanyards and thought that we were going on an excursion. We all felt a little bit confused until we saw the Mystery Excursion tickets that said:

We quickly hopped on the bus and we had three clues about what the Mystery Excursion was. Our first clue was ‘Friends’ and a little while later we got two more clues, ‘Performance’ and ‘100’. After the clues, people started guessing: King Kong, another primary school, Hoyts or IMAX. We were pretty sure that it was Killara Primary School after we had our third clue. The reason was because we had sent 100 word narratives to Killara PS for them to complete.

When we got there, Miss Fraser greeted us with a bearded dragon (lizard) called Sheldon on her shoulder. Soon we were at her classroom and we met the students who had completed our 100 word narratives. As we were reading our narratives we were wondering if they would finish the way we thought they would. We were surprised at some of the endings!
After that our partners gave us a tour of the school. We were shown the gym and after we had finished we went back to the gym to play Penguin Olympics and Golden Child.

We then went to our last activity for the day which was to watch KPS’s school production, Wiping Out Waste (WOW). It was good production about how to stop people littering. It was an original musical written by their Performing Arts teacher.

We had a great day and hope to see them again soon!

Have you been to a live performance before?
What was your favourite part of the Mystery Excursion?
What surprised you about KPS?

8 thoughts on “Mystery Excursion!

  1. Surprise! Surprise!
    Why was Mrs Laffan checking our uniforms?
    Why were we mysteriously called to our classrooms half way during Recess?
    What were these ‘Admit One’ tickets on our desks?
    Now we knew why we had to have our tables clean.
    Where were we going once we left school in the bus, traveling on the highway?
    Before we knew it we turned off the highway and arrived at Killara Primary School where we met our BLOG BUDDIES?
    These are some of the things we did:
    • Miss Fraser met us outside and took us to meet our blog buddies
    • They had a pet frill-necked lizard. How cool!
    • We shared our 100 word narratives
    • We had a tour of the school
    • After lunch we went into the gym and played Olympic Penguin and Golden Child
    • We watched their dress rehearsal of WOW- Work On Waste
    • After our thank yous we arrived back at school at 4.30pm

    By Brodee and Brock

  2. Hello everyone,

    The Mystery Excursion was fun and exciting. We were a little bit confused at the start because we had no idea what we were doing and where we were going.

    Some live performances/ productions we went to are:

    Cavalia, Mary Poppins, Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift. I went to Cavalia and Mary Poppins some of my birthday’s. I went to Taylor Swift because I was invited and I went to Miley Cyrus because I used to adore her. (Tayla-Jade)

    Annie because she got tickets from her nan. (Scarlet)

    Our favourite part of the day was:
    seeing the little kids performing. (Tayla-Jade)

    When the 5’s and 6’s did their dance. (Scarlet)

    From Tayla-Jade and Scarlet 🙂

  3. Hi 4/5P,
    We have both seen a live performance before like our Lion King performance and Killaras perfromance 🙂 Dylan: my favourite part was the tour off the school. Cam: my favourite part was being shown around the school.
    We thouhgt we were going to IMAX.
    From Cam& Dylan

  4. Hey Everybody!

    Grayson:1) I have been an actor in two plays but apart from the one at killarra 2) the part that I got to miss out on school work 3) that they had a lizard named Sheldon.

    Mathew: 1)I have been to a live performance 2) that we got to leave Upper plenty 3) Grauyson’s answer.

    Trent: 1) never been to a live performance. 2) it was the performance. 3) it’s completely different from our school in general.

    That is our answers to the questions and here is Grayson’s:
    Have you ever moved to a different school before?

  5. Hello world,
    We all went on the mystery excursion and all thought it was awesome. We sure would like to go there again and get to know them more.
    Our answers to the questions are…

    Have you been to a live performance before? Yes we have, some of them are The Circus, Cavalia, Fantasy, Disney on ice, Rhianna and Justin Bieber concert.

    What was your favourite part of the Mystery Excursion?
    Getting the clues and guessing where we were going and having the tour around the school.

    What surprised you about KPS?
    That the school was so big and that they had beared dragon (lizard).

    We would like to thank all the staff for taking us on the trip.
    Happy Blogging 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    hope to see you soon yours truly
    Kaitlyn, Monique and Mia

  6. Hi it’s Emily and Natasha we are just cometing on the Blog post and we think it looks really cool:) Natasha will say some things about the post first.
    Well I’ve been to a Disney on Ice performance before and to a circus. The circus was cool because my family and I were in a tent and it was at night time . My favourite part about the trip was the play because the play was about Recycling and saving the Earth. I got suprised because they had a big space.
    Now Emily will talk . I think the trip was very exciting and I got really frustrated because I didn’t know where we were going. And I have been to a live performance before and it was a Justin Beiber concert.
    My favourite part about the trip was when we played all the games with all the students in the class there and I liked the performance a lot but I got bored at the start because they woudn’t start.
    I got surprised with the bus trip and the game “Golden Child” because I haven’t played it before. Got to go , bye:)

  7. I thought the exursion was awesome. It was very exiting. Nick – my favourite thing about the Killara school was the performance.
    Seth- My favourite thing was the tour around the school.
    Seth: my favourite thing about the mystery excursion was the note on the table.
    Thank you for your time. Bye for now.

  8. Hey people,
    Brodie and I (Bailey) thought that was AMAZING!! 🙂 It was sooooooooo O.M.G when we saw the ticket for a MYSTERY EXCURSION!!

    My (Baileys) favourite part was everything and so was Brodie’s.

    Got to go,
    Bailey and Brodie

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