Mystery Bags!

Check out the PowerPoint presentation below to see what happened in this morning’s reading session!

Mystery Bag presentation.pptx

Some photos from today’s session…

What inferences did you make? What clues did you use or what evidence did you have to support your inference?
Were there any surprises?
How can the “Infer and Support with Evidence” strategy help you as a reader?

15 thoughts on “Mystery Bags!

  1. Hi 45 P
    With the one with the USB memory stick, I guessed it because it was hard and thin. The clues were that they are pretty thin and bulky sometimes. The pasta was a surprise. It surprised me because no one guessed it and it was the shape of the moon.
    From Kaitlyn and Dylan

  2. Hello 45 P
    My inference for #8 was that is was going to be a USB memory stick because they hold information and different brands will mean different sizes.
    A surprise was that #3 was a paint brush because my inference was that it would be a pencil because it has one end pointy and one not and pencils are used at school everyday for writing.
    I have used inferences when I’m reading using what I’ve already read about to guess what will be next in the story.
    It helps you as a reader because you will use all the clues in the text to predict and infer what will come next in the story.
    Happy Blogging 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    From Kaitlyn

  3. Hi everyone
    My inference for the first bag was an Apple. What do you think it was? It was a packet of chips. One of my inferences was that most people have a apple in their lunchboxes. The clues I made a inference from were a type of food and popular lunchbox snack. What would you have said? The inference strategy can help you predict what will happen next.

    Bye for now,

  4. Hi everyone its Brian here,

    The bag that had the paint brush in it was not only hard to guess it was hard to find once we had opened the bag. My inference was a a pen or pencil. The clues for that was it may be in a pencil case. My clues were that I felt it.

    By for now Brian

  5. Hi guys,

    Me and Alani thought that bag three was a pencil because one end is different to the other and that is what it felt like.

    It helps you understand more because you get interested in what’s going to happen next to see if your right or wrong

    bye for now

  6. Hi everyone,

    I have used inferring when my friend looked upset. I inferred that she was upset. I tried to cheer her up. It worked. I have also inferred about a movie. It is called Wreck It Ralph. I guessed it was about a man/boy who wrecks things. I inferred this because Ralph is a boys name and ‘wreck’ is in the title.

    The strategy ‘Infer and Support with evidence’ helps me because you get to guess but not fully predicting. You can only infer what you can see.

    I wasn’t there due to blogging but I will infer about one any way. I will infer about Mystery Bag # 1:
    My clues were it is a type of food and that it is a common lunch box snacks. I inferred that it could biscuits or chips. I found out that it was chips.

    I hope you liked my comment,

  7. Hi 4/5p
    The first one I thought it was a memory card, and I was correct. The second one I thought it was an apple and I was also correct.
    from Dylan

  8. Hello 4/5P,

    Here are the answers to the questions.

    1. What inferences did you make? What clues did you use or what evidence did you have to support your inference? I wasn’t there to make any inferences during to the blogging class, so I don’t know how to answer this question.

    2. Where there any surprises? I wasn’t there to do the task with everyone, so I don’t know if there was any surprises.

    3. How can the ” infer and support with evidence” strategy help as a reader? I don’t get the strategy that well, so it doesn’t help me as a reader.

    I hope I get to understand the strategy more soon.

    Does anyone know how to explain the strategy to me?

    What are some of the items that were in the bags?

    From Tayla-Jade 🙂

  9. Hello 4/5P and Mrs Placek!
    I think that the Mystery bags would have been fun to open and guess what is inside!!!! 🙂
    I also think that some of the bags would have been a surprise because they would have surprised me!!! 🙂
    I would have thought that the pasta was something different because of the shape of the moon like Dylan said. I was not there for some of it!! So I did not see all of them!!
    Bye for now
    Got to go!

  10. Hi everyone,
    The mystery bags where so much fun! The rubber one was so easy! My two big clues were the shape and how it felt like not too hard but not too soft. Another time when I have used inference was when I saw someone crying and straight away I thought she was sad, upset and/or alone. The “Infer and Support with Evidence” strategy helps me to have a good idea about the book. What about you?
    Got to go Ebony

  11. Hello 4/5P and World,

    Here are the questions and answers to the Me Bag/ Mystery Bag.

    1. Write about at least one of the Me Bag, Mystery Bags. What was your inference? What clues did you use?

    Well Emily’s Me Box/ Mystery Box when we pulled out the roller shoes I bet everyone said in their heads I remember Emily wearing them on camp. And well Baileys Me basket/ Mystery Basket when we pulled out the football ticket to Essendon vs ST Kilda I thought it could be someone that barracks for Essendon or ST Kilda. Then I thought it could be someone family that barracks for Essendon or ST Kilda.

    2. Write about another instance where you have used inference. It might be a movie, a book you have read, or maybe a time when you inferred how someone was feeling?

    One day I saw my sister in her room not talking to anyone and wasn’t coming out of her room for a while. I was going to go in and see if she was feeling happy or sad. So I didn’t go in I just looked at her face and it looked as though she was sad.

    3. How does the strategy “Infer and Support with Evidence” help us as a reader?

    Well the strategy “Infer and Support with Evidence” helps us try to find out what might happen next or infer what the something looks like. Sometimes it can help us find out what the book is about what you are reading. Also it may be helpful to use when you cant find out what something looks like without reading the description. It helps you as a reader because you will use clues in the text to predict and infer what will happen next in the story.

    What do you think about the strategy to “Infer and with

    What do you like about the strategy to “Infer and Support with Evidence”?

    Happy Blogging 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Liv (Olivia M)

  12. Hi 4/5P its Mia,

    One of the mystery bag had a tea bag in it.I thought it was a cotton ball or a bit of of the clues was you can boil it.

    I have used my inference when reading a book and watching a movie/TV show.

    Infering can support me as a reader because it helps us predict what will happen next.

    Bye for now Mia : )

  13. Hi 4/5 P,
    In bag #2 I guessed it would be an apple and I got it right by using the clues on the bag. It’s like watching tv and guessing what is going to happen. Sometime time I am right. It make me feel good.

    By Hayden

  14. Hi 4/5P,

    #3 I guessed was a chopstick. Yes I know I was kind of outta my mind. It’s correct for clue 1 but not number 2. I was shocked to find a paintbrush. I thought chopstick because it definitely wasn’t a drinking straw because drinking straws bend inside but this stayed stiff.
    One end is different to the other feels flat so I thought chopstick.

    Inferring will help predict what is next in your story.
    Thanks Guys 🙂 Camo

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