Cooking in Maths

Cooking in Maths on PhotoPeach

Thank you to all of the helpers we had during our maths session yesterday!

Have you done any cooking before? How did you measure out the ingredients?
What other real-life connections can you make to fractions?

4 thoughts on “Cooking in Maths

  1. Hello 4/5P and Mrs Placek
    I enjoyed making pikelets. They were yummy!! I was in a group with Olivia M, Alani, Natasha and I. Our Adult with us was Alison.
    We cut our pikelets into halfs, quaters, thirds and Natasha cut one of hers into eighths.
    Natasha, Alani and Olivia M liked cooking them as well as I did. They also thought that they were yummy! 🙂 🙂 Alani thought that the first pancake tasted a bit spiciey becasue Alison cooks curry sausages on the pan that we were working on. Yes, I have done some cooking before when we cook pancakes I always ask mum to make letters for me. I also like to bake cakes and then eat them whlie they are warm. I do a lot of cooking at home. When I eat pizza they come in fourths our eighths. Pizza is yummy. I love to cook it is my favoruite thing to do and also shopping.
    Do you like cooking?
    Bye for now got to go
    Olivia S

    • Hi Olivia

      Thanks for a great Quality Comment.
      I am glad you enjoyed cooking pikelets in maths yesterday!
      What do you like to cook at home? I love to cook as well. My favourite thing to do is cakes. I have to use measuring cups and measuring spoons. Sometimes I have to use scales because the recipes tells me amounts in grams or ounces. I have to use maths to cook to measure ingredients, and sometimes to double recipes. Can you think of other ways you might use maths for cooking, or for shopping?

      From Mrs Placek

      • Hello Mrs Placek
        I would like to cook cakes just like you! As I said I love to eat them warm not when they are cold!! 🙂 I am glad that you liked cooking as well! I think that we might be able to do it again. What do you think?
        Bye for now got to go
        Olivia S

  2. Hi,
    I really liked making the pikelets it was really really FUN!!!!!!! But we learnt some mathes as well, like Mrs Hastie showed us some fractions with the pikelets.
    Got to go

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