The Grades 4-6s went on City Camp this term.

We stayed in the city for three nights and all had an amazing, exciting, busy, exhausting, fun-filled time!

We travelled by bus, tram and train to arrive safely at our destinations…..and there were many, many destinations!

The places we visited while on camp in Melbourne were:

Immigration Museum….where we explored a ship and climbed into the bunks.
Melbourne Aquarium….where we held starfish and walked through a tunnel as sharks went swimming over us.
Icehouse….where we ice-skated, most of us for the very first time!
Old Melbourne Gaol….where we sat in a cell and tried on armour.
Eureka Skydeck….where we had fun spotting our other destinations and Melbourne attractions from a birds-eye view.
Melbourne Central Hoyts…where we laughed at Dispicable Me 2.
Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre…where we went down the waterslide and tried to get all the way to the end of the sea monster without slipping into the pool.
The Melbourne Zoo….where we spotted lions, tigers and bears.
Melbourne Cricket Ground….where we went on a tour and tried to beat some of the sporting records at Game On.
Galactic Circus….where we bowled and played games.
The Queen Victoria Market….where we walked through the aisles looking at all the different items for sale.
The Shrine of Remembrance…where we learnt about Simspon and his Donkey and World War 1.

Enjoy the photos!

Camp Highlights Days 1 & 2 on PhotoPeach

Camp Highlights Days 3 & 4 on PhotoPeach

Please leave us a comment and answer one or more of the questions below:

What is your favourite memory of camp?
What is the best place we visited, in your opinion, and why?
Would you rather live in the city or the country, and why?
What has been your favourite camp while at school?

7 thoughts on “Camp!

  1. Hi 4/5P
    Eureka skydeck was our favourite memory of camp.
    MSAC was our favourite activity because there was swimming,wave pool,water slide and obstacle course.
    We prefer the city because you can get to a lot of of places easier and there are lots of shops if you need to go somewhere and you can get a job easier than the country.
    Cam and Nick

  2. Hello 4/5P and Mrs Placek
    On camp we had so much fun and enjoyed our time being away for the four days and three nights. We had so much fun that we did not want to come back home to see our parents, we all wanted our parents to come and see us. It is because we had so much exciting things to see and do. Right now we all wish that we were in Melbourne.
    Our favourite thing that we did on camp is Ice House because we had lots of fun and we liked learning new things from the coachs and what some of the students said. We both like the country because there is a lot of space to run around in and there is no poulution, and is not to busy like the city.
    We have two favourites Ice House and MSAC! They are our favourites. We would go on a city camp again of course we would!!
    What was your two favourite things?
    Would you go on a city camp again? Why?
    Bye for now
    Got to go
    Olivia S and Alani

  3. Hi my name is Alex & my faourite thing was Old Melboune Gaol.

    I would prefer to live in the country because you get a big block.

  4. Hi everybody its Brian and Ethan here,

    Ethan and Brian liked camp a lot and would like to go on camp again even if it was the same things in the same order.

    Brian’s favourite thing about camp was ice-catting. Ethan’s favourite thing about camp was going to MSAC.

    What was your favourite thing at camp?
    Did you have fun? I did!!!!

    Brian’s favourite memory on camp was: bowlling.
    Ethan’s favourite memory on camp was:

    bye for now Brian and Ethan

  5. Hi 4/5 P,
    Our favourite activities were:
    Mia’s was MCG and MSAC
    Kaitlyn’s was MSAC
    We both agree that MSAC was the best because we love swimming.
    Mia would profer to live in the city because there are lots of shops for Mia to buy SHOES!
    Kaitlyn would profer to live in the country with horses.
    Yes it has been our favourite camp at school.
    Kaitlyn and Mia

  6. Hi 4/5P
    Dylan says that bowling is the best memory from camp and Grayson says that the arcade is his best memory.
    The best place that Dylan went to is the Eureka Skydeck and Graysons is Arcade. Dylan says that he would prefer to live in the city because he would be near his freinds and Grayson thinks country is better because he can go hunting.
    from Grayson and Dylan

  7. Hi 4/5P

    I enjoyed looking back on the photos of camp. It looks like everyone had fun, doesn’t it?
    My favourite part of camp was the Zoo! I love going to the Zoo and I always see something different every time I go. This time, it was the tiger pacing up and down his enclosure! Usually when I go he is hiding or asleep somewhere. But this time he was pacing because outside his enclosure there was a guide dog! I don’t think the tiger liked the guide dog very much!
    When I was at the Zoo I was thinking about how we wrote persuasive texts at the start of the year about whether animals should be kept in zoos. Did anyone change their mind after being at the zoo and seeing the animals in their enclosures?

    From Mrs Placek

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