Cooking in Maths

Cooking in Maths on PhotoPeach

Thank you to all of the helpers we had during our maths session yesterday!

Have you done any cooking before? How did you measure out the ingredients?
What other real-life connections can you make to fractions?


The Grades 4-6s went on City Camp this term.

We stayed in the city for three nights and all had an amazing, exciting, busy, exhausting, fun-filled time!

We travelled by bus, tram and train to arrive safely at our destinations…..and there were many, many destinations!

The places we visited while on camp in Melbourne were:

Immigration Museum….where we explored a ship and climbed into the bunks.
Melbourne Aquarium….where we held starfish and walked through a tunnel as sharks went swimming over us.
Icehouse….where we ice-skated, most of us for the very first time!
Old Melbourne Gaol….where we sat in a cell and tried on armour.
Eureka Skydeck….where we had fun spotting our other destinations and Melbourne attractions from a birds-eye view.
Melbourne Central Hoyts…where we laughed at Dispicable Me 2.
Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre…where we went down the waterslide and tried to get all the way to the end of the sea monster without slipping into the pool.
The Melbourne Zoo….where we spotted lions, tigers and bears.
Melbourne Cricket Ground….where we went on a tour and tried to beat some of the sporting records at Game On.
Galactic Circus….where we bowled and played games.
The Queen Victoria Market….where we walked through the aisles looking at all the different items for sale.
The Shrine of Remembrance…where we learnt about Simspon and his Donkey and World War 1.

Enjoy the photos!

Camp Highlights Days 1 & 2 on PhotoPeach

Camp Highlights Days 3 & 4 on PhotoPeach

Please leave us a comment and answer one or more of the questions below:

What is your favourite memory of camp?
What is the best place we visited, in your opinion, and why?
Would you rather live in the city or the country, and why?
What has been your favourite camp while at school?

Voki Characters

Here are just a few of the many Voki Characters that were made by the 4/5/6s yesterday afternoon.
We paired up and researched one of two historical figures: Sir Edmund Barton or Captain Arthur Phillip. Once we had some interesting information about them, we used to present our findings! By using Voki, it was like our characters were speaking and telling us about themselves.

Which historical character did you choose and why?
What new facts did you find?
Who else could you create a Voki character for?

Make your own one…and copy the code into your comment to share it with us!

We Love Wacky Web Tales!

In our Spelling & Grammar session today our goal was to use our knowledge of the parts of speech to complete a Wacky Web Tale.

You can get on to the Wacky Web Tale page here

It is so much fun!

You need to put in a list of different words. Sometimes you need to put in nouns, or adjectives, or adverbs or verbs. Then when you are done you click on “See My Wacky Web Tale”…..and it puts all of the words you wrote down into a story. Sometimes you need to put in your name, so you might be in the story!

We had lots of crazy, wacky, strange, funny stories today! Check out the Wacky Web Tales site and make your own Wacky Web Tale.

What did you enjoy about today’s Spelling & Grammar session?
What happened if you put the wrong word in the wrong box, for example, a noun in an ‘adjective’?
What was your Wacky Web Tale about?