6 thoughts on “New Art Work!

  1. Hi 4/5P,
    I love the poles they look . I would paint horses on my totem, Of course.
    My school woukd look great with them bu we can’t because theres not enough space.
    Hope to write to you soon,

    • Hi Gypsy

      Lovely to hear from you! We miss your smiling face at school but hope you have settled in to your new home and school.
      I had a feeling you might have chosen to paint horses on your totem pole! What is your favourite thing about your new school?

      From Mrs Placek

    • Hi Gypsy,

      This is Emily’s part of the comment , why did you hve to leave when I just got here? . Now this is Olivia talking, we all miss you! How is your new house? Now its going to Roma to talk, Whats up? I would paint my pole with horses, too. How is your new school?

      See ya Gypsy,
      Roma, Emily and Olivia M

    • Hi Gypsy,
      We thought you would want to put horses on them. I’m sure your school would look good with them, we know our school certainly looks awesome with them.
      From Kaitlyn & Mia
      Ps hope you can comment more often.

  2. Hi Gypsy
    That’s sad to hear that you cannot have a totem at your school. So what is it like at your school?
    Bye by Dylan & Grayson

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