Birds Eye View Maps

In maths we are learning about mapping. Today we began creating a bird’s eye view map of our school.

Creating Maps on PhotoPeach

What have you seen drawn or photographed from a ‘birds eye view’?

5 thoughts on “Birds Eye View Maps

  1. Hi upps and all over the world its Brian here,

    In maths classes we have being looking at birds eye views and drawing them and finding the quickest way to get to where you want to go. Today (17/6/2013) we did a birds eye view of our school. We also had to label what we were drawing . We had fun as well as learning. Some of the things we included were paths, playgrounds buildings and lots more. We are drawing a birds eye view map of our house or some people are doing a DETAILED map of their room.

    Bye for now Brian.

  2. Hello,
    When I went to Queenland on the school holidays.
    I took a birds eye view photo on the plane of the sea and the city too.

    See you later
    Bye Alani

  3. Hi 4/5P,
    Birds eye view maps are so easy for me to do. Is it for you?
    For my homework I did my bedroom it was really easy it’s fairly detailed. As you all know we have been making birds eye view maps of the school. My group and I worked really hard we also worked as a team. We got to decorate the big parts of it today but when Mrs Placek said “times up” we knew we did a good job. How did your group go? Ours surprisingly well no rips no arguments. I have seen a birds eye view map a few actually I have seen google maps which is what quite a lot of people use,and the camping maps I usally look where we are going and where we are.
    That’s it for now bye cam 🙂 don’t forget to check out my blog at

  4. Hi 45P
    I have seen a birds eye view map of properties, like mine. I have made a lot of them with some help.
    For my homework I did Nan And Pops property. It was quite easy to do.
    From Kaitlyn

  5. Hello 4/5P

    I liked making my birds I veiw map it was awesome! I have seen some trees, houses and animals. I loved looking at all the animals it was great. I liked drawing the buildings and puting colour in to my work! It was Fun!!
    What did you like about the map making?
    Bye got to go

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