$2.00 Summaries

Today in reading we read a non-fiction text and made a $2.00 Summary.

A summary is shorter than the text and contains the main ideas only. It has to be in our own words.

A word ‘costs’ 10 cents and today we had $2.00 to ‘spend’ on our summary. That means we could only use 20 words in our summary.

We learnt that if someone was to read your summary, they should be able to known what the text was about.

Here are our $2.00 summaries. Some of us used 20 words exactly; others used less than 20 words. We hope that by reading our summaries, you know what the text that we read was about!

Chinese New Year is a celebration where people wear red and guide dragons through streets to celebrate Chinese New Year. (TAYLA-JADE)

Chinese people celebrate Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year has a feast, a lantern festival and a dragon dance. (MIA)

Chinese people celebrate the Chinese New Year by taking part in activities and wearing red. It’s in January or February. (KAITLYN and GYPSY)

People carry lanterns under the full moon and people celebrate Chinese New Year for 15 days. (BRIAN)

In China Chinese people have a New Year celebration around January and February. They make a dragon for the festival. (BAILEY)

Chinese New Year is a celebration that Chinese people celebrate. It is in January/February and it goes for 15 days. (EBONY)

Chinese people celebrate a New Year and it goes for 15 days. They wear red and it means good luck. (OLIVIA M)

Can you tell by reading our $2.00 summaries what the text we read was about?

 Can you summarise your favourite movie using only 20 words? Don’t tell us the title of the movie, we will try and guess what it is after we have read your $2.00 summary!

15 thoughts on “$2.00 Summaries

  1. Dear Mrs Placek and 4/5P,

    I think your $2 summaries are wonderful. What a clever idea, Mrs Placek!

    Were you reading a text about Chinese New Year? I liked watching the Behind the News film clip about the festival and hearing about the traditions and beliefs. I particularly like the one about believing it is bad luck to do any housework during Chinese New Year in case you sweep away good luck.

    My favourite movie is one you have probably never heard of or seen. Here’s my $2 summary:

    Velvet, a young horse mad girl, becomes an international eventer and competes at the Olympics.
    How much change do I get from my $2?

    Can you guess which movie I have summarised below?
    A princess and ogre fall in love, despite her parents attempts to break them up.

    Can’t wait to see what you get up to next!

    Miss Crowther 🙂

    • Hi Miss Crowther

      Thank you for commenting! 4/5P have done really well with their summarising over the last week.

      I can guess your favourite movie! But…I wonder if the ‘horse mad girls’ in my grade can guess the movie?

      See you soon
      Mrs Placek

      • Hi Mrs Placek,

        I’m not a horse mad girl that is in your class and I can’t get the movie but I also think that Roma, Kaitlyn, Gypsy and Oliva will guess it.

        I also agree we have done a pretty good job myself!
        can you guess this?
        It is about a boy called billy his father wants to sell the house so he goes back to school.
        Bye for now

  2. Hey class, whats up?
    Doing 2.00 summaries at school, I think was pretty easy!! 🙂 But we also have got to do a 2.00 in our homework on a “holiday” thing so I guess it should be easy. Any way, I saw the summary on the Chinese New Year and yes I could tell what we read about and I reckon if I didnt read the real text I probably would still be able to understand what we read about.

    I like lots of movies and I don’t really have a favorite one so I decide to do a 2.00 summary on a episode of my favorite cartoon show to make it easy. Here it goes!!!!

    The dad was driving his son to camp. The son got there, was happy until a bully came and then he wasn’t happy any more.
    There done, that’s twenty words!! 🙂 Anyone know what show this is? Please tell me in a comment if you do know!!

    See ya later,

    P.S Why did I say See ya later?

    P.P.S Why did I say: Why did I say See ya later? in the P.S

    P.P.P.S Why did I say: Why did I say See ya later? in the P.P.S?

    P.P.P.P.S What stated all this?

    P.P.P.P.P.S Why did I say: What started all this?

    P.P.P.P.P.P.S Good bye!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Hi Bailey,
      Wow that is a GINORMOUS post!!! I think it was The Simpsons you were talking about you always talk about The Simpsons. I am not very good at the $2.00 sumary but I will give it a go:

      A teddy that comes to life called Ted and has a lot of adventures with his pal John and has fun.
      Bye for now

  3. Hello world,

    When I read a $2.00 summary, I can normally tell what the text is about. The text was about the Chinese New Year. Doing $2.00 summaries are fun. I like doing them at school.

    Wreck it Ralph went out of his game to get a medal. When he didn’t come back his game shutdown. Can you guess what movie it is? I’m sure you all can. My summary was 20 words.

    I hope you all liked my comment,

  4. Hi 4/5P my favourite movie is Skyfall 007. My $2.00 summary its about this spy who kills people unfortunately he gets shot but survives. Also their main base gets blown up.

    From Cam

  5. Hello everyone its Brian here,

    In reading classes we have been doing Read to Self for 20 minutes and after that we do a $2 summary. A word costs 10 cents. A $2 summary is how many 10 cents is in $2. The answer is 20 so that means thats how many words are in a $2 summary.

    Bye for now Brian

  6. Hi Bradley here,

    My $2.00 summary is: “Get to the base. The Robots eating up our forces. Oh I forgot we were in heaven.”

    Can you get that? It’s a book.

    From Bradley

  7. Dear everyone,
    I’m going to tell you my $2 summary.
    We meet this person nearly eveyday and she helps us with a lot of stuff.

    From George

  8. Hi it’s Brent,
    I’m going to tell you a $2 summary.
    I play it a lot and I love playing it with my friends and I am very good at it.

    Bye for now
    From Brent

  9. Hello Everybody!

    this is my $2.00 summary of a movie so here it is!

    Captain America is the leader of this group and hulk the incredible was once evil but has joined to fight Loki!

    that is my $2.00 summary on a movie, try to guess which movie it is but I gotta go now so bye Everybody!

  10. Hello everyone,
    I like doing the $2 summary and it was so fun and hope you all like doing the $2 summary

    Bye for now

  11. Hi 4/5p,

    My $2- summary of my home book was hard because
    I was having trouble reading the paragraph. What did you write for your $2- summary?

    by Natasha

  12. Hi
    This is my 2.00 summary.

    Issie want to her Aunty Hesters farm to run a riding school.She was exitited that she was going.

    From Gypsy

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