“What are the hula hoops for?”

…that question was asked many times this morning as the students came in and saw a big stack of hula hoops!

My reply – “We are using them in reading” – was met with lots of confused faces.

The very next exclamation was “We’re using HULA HOOPS in READING?!?!??!”

That’s exactly what we did! Today in reading we learnt how to summarise a text, and the hula hoops formed a physical graphic organiser to organise our thinking.

Each hula hoop was matched with a word.
The words were “Somebody” “Wanted” “But” and “So”.

First we read Little Red and the Wolf from www.childrenspoetryarchive.com

Little Red and the Wolf by Roald Dahl.docx

Next we used the hula hoops to summarise the text. One person stood in each hoop and together we summarised the story.
In the “Somebody” hoop, we say who the main character is.
In the “Wanted” hoop, we talk about what they want or what they are trying to do.
In the “But” hoop, we briefly explain the ‘problem‘ – what gets in the way.
In the “So” hoop, we wrap up the story and talk about the resolution of the story.

Here’s an example…………
Little Red and the Wolf
SOMEBODY, the wolf…..WANTED a decent meal and ate Grandma. He still wanted more so he tried to trick Little Red…..BUT Little Red doesn’t fall for the trick….SO she shoots him and makes a coat from his fur.”

Then we split into groups and each read a story. Using the hoops and working together as a team, we summarised the story in just a few sentences! After we had a turn as a group, one by one we walked through the hoops to do our own summary of the story.

Here’s what we learnt:
A summary is short and only tells the most important things.
It should be in your own words.
We don’t have to tell every single detail.
If a person heard or read your summary, they should be able to understand exactly what the story was about.
A summary is shorter than the text you are summarising.

Can you summarise your favourite book or movie using the ‘somebody’, ‘wanted’, ‘but’ and ‘so’ structure?

3 thoughts on ““What are the hula hoops for?”

  1. Hello world,
    Our favourite book is Take The Reins. It is a book in the series of Canterwood Crest.
    Somebody= Sasha and Paige
    Wanted= to become friends with the other girls and make the best team.
    But= the other girls were being mean and they were nervous.
    So= Sasha and Paige practised alot and became very good friends.
    There are 8 books to the Canterwood Crest books. They are all very good! We recommend them!
    Bye for now,
    Roma and Kaitlyn

  2. Hi Kaitlyn and Roma

    I thought you might have summarised the Canterwood Crest books!

    I have a new book that I think you might enjoy, it is called The One and Only Ivan.
    Here’s my summary:
    SOMEBODY, Ivan the gorilla, WANTED his friend the elephant calf (Ruby) to live a free life out of captivity, BUT he was unable to communicate with the humans to tell them. SO, with the help of a little girl and some other animals, Ivan thought of a creative way to tell the humans that Ruby should live a life in the wild.

    I hope I didn’t give too much away in case you decide to read it!

    From Mrs Placek

  3. Hello everyone,

    My favorite book is any of the Guinness World Records because a record somebody makes a record somebody wants to be a record holder, but they have to beat a record so some people do crazy stuff. That is why that book is interesting for me.

    By for now,

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