5 Cent Fundraiser

Our focus in Maths this week is counting collections of money. What better way to practise than to count the money raised in our 5 Cent Fundraiser!

First we predicted how much money we might have. The predictions ranged from $90.00 to $150.00.

Next we counted……………and counted………………….and counted. We mostly counted by 5s and 10s to make piles of $1, then made bags of $10.

Check out our photos, be sure to wait until the end to see the total amount raised!!!!

Counting Money on PhotoPeach

4 thoughts on “5 Cent Fundraiser

  1. Hi 4/5P This is Natasha’s Nonna (Grandmother),I could not believe how many 5cents you all collected. Amazing. Natasha is here for the weekend and we were visiting the school blog, I enjoyed the videos.

    • Hi Nonna,

      I think some of the students have seen the comment you left on the school blog. What do you think of our school and we’ve been doing?

      From Natasha

  2. Hello everyone,
    Its Ebony, Mia and Olivia M here.

    Wow so much money. I wish I had that much money. It was so much money to count. I wonder how much money the other classes have.

    Bye For Now,
    Ebony, Olivia M and Mia

  3. Natasha,
    Lovely to hear from you. I love your school blog, you are very lucky to be at such a great school. Keep up the good work. Nonna

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