Persuasive texts

Animals should not be keep in ZOO.docx

Animals should not be kept in terrible zoos.docx


The students of 4/5P have been using their most persuasive language to try and convince the reader of their point of view!
In a persuasive text, we need to:
– present a clear point of view
– expand on our arguments with research, statistics or examples
– include a strong introduction, a body and a conclusion
– use persuasive techniques such as emotive language and rhetorical questions
– make the readers think!

Do you agree with Brian, Roma and Scarlet that animals should not be kept in zoos? Why or why not?

Writer’s Notebooks!

Click on each of the thumbnails below to get a glimpse inside our Writer’s Notebooks!

These are the ways that we oragnise our thinking. The seeds for our Writer’s Notebook might come from anywhere! When it comes to drating a piece of writing, we choose a seed that really made us think and inspired us to write, and complete a text of our choice – maybe a narrative, poem, explanation, report or persuasive text!

What is your favourite text type to write and why?
How do you collect your ‘seeds’?

Fluency Tasks

We each have a fluency task that we work on at the beginning of every maths session. The tasks allow us to practise an area of maths such as counting, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division or place value. Practising these tasks daily help us to move forward in our maths learning!