Sampling food from Asian Countries on PhotoPeach

Which food was your favourite? Did the taste remind you of a different type of food?
What are some of the facts you learnt from the PLANET FOOD “Southern China” DVD?

7 thoughts on “YUM!

  1. Hi everyone,
    My favourite food was easily the fortune cookies. I love how sweet they were and loved the little secrets inside, especialy how you had fun trying to figure out what they meant! I didn’t watch the video because I was away but I am sure it was good. The mini jelly cups reminded me of jelly but it tasted quiet different sort of quirky! (I did learn that some fortune cookies don’t tell the truth). I had a fun afternoon and I hope the rest of you did too.
    Did you like all of the food?
    If you didn’t like some what was it?
    Bye for now

    • Hi Alicia

      I liked the fortune cookies too! What a great describing word….”quirky”. What other things would you describe as “quirky”?
      I’m glad you had a fun afternoon, I thought it was a good experience, trying all of the different foods. Some I had never had before! Have you ever tried any other foods from different cultures? Which ones?

      From Mrs Placek

  2. Hello 4/5P
    I liked that after noon it was fantastic! My favourite food was the little panda things. I liked them because they had a bit of chocolate in side them. They were the best thing ever! I liked trying all the foods they were all nice but my favourite was the panda things. I ejoyed the after noon it was my favourite hting I have done at school! I hope you all liked them!
    Have you ever had the panda things before? where? What food was your favourite?
    Happy blogging evreyone
    Bye for now
    Olivia S

    • Hi Olivia

      I’m glad you have a good afternoon. Wasn’t it fun trying all of the different foods? I didn’t get to try the panda cookies but when I went to the supermarket I saw them so I tried them on the weekend! The chocolate ones were yummy!

      Have you ever tried any other foods from different countries? Which Australian food would you recommend kids in China to try?

      From Mrs Placek

  3. Hi world,
    My favourite from Asia was the rice crackers. The worse one there was the shrimp biscuits the jelly was disgusting. I really want to eat some more food from Asia. From the DVD I learnt that people in China eat baby birds,YUCK. They also eat turtle shells sometimes they even eat snakes.

    Bye for now,

    • Hi Gypsy

      I liked the rice crackers too, they were very yummy! I didn’t try the shrimp biscuits. Have you had Chinese food before, or have you tried some foods from other countries? I have had Chinese food, as well as Thai, Mexican, Italian, Greek and Spanish. Which food from our country would you recommend that kids in Chinas try? I think they should taste Vegemite!

      From Mrs Placek

  4. Hey everyone,
    Its Olivia, Emily and Roma here.
    Olivia’s favourite food was Hello Pandas.
    Roma’s favourite food was Hello Pandas too.

    Emily wasn’t there so she couldn’t try any of the foods. She wanted to though.

    Roma’s least favourite food was the Jellies and the shrimp chips. Olivia’s least favourite food was the Shrimps, the biscuts and jellies.
    see ya soon

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