Today is Friendship Day

Friendship is one of our school values and so on Tuesday 28th May we held our school’s annual Friendship Day. The Friendship Day is held every year in memory of two students, Ruby and Salvi. The theme of the day was ‘Yellow’ and all students wore yellow and created and decorated yellow sunglasses as our Friendship Day activity. Everyone’s glasses looked fantastic – we know because we saw everyone in the Yellow Parade! There was a prize for the people who wore the most yellow. We raised heaps of money for The Challenge Program. The money is to help kids who are sick in hospital.
On Friendship Day we had also had a special lunch. Thank you to Family and Friends group, Maggie and the Junior School Council for organising and helping on the day.

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What does Friendship mean to you?

Brent: Friendship means being nice to your friends and playing with each other.
Olivia S: Friendship means being nice to other.
Bailey: Friendship means to respect each other, connect with each other and always be nice to each other. Friends apologise if there’s a fight.
Mia: Friendship means you help your friends and cheer them up when they’re not feeling 100 per cent.
Dylan: Friendship means making new friends by asking if you can play, or including other people in your games.
Kayla: Friendship means being nice to your friends and caring about each other.
Natasha: Friendship means treating people like you want to be treated and respecting each other.

Have you ever raised money for or donated money to a charity before?

What things can you do to be a good friend and show the value of friendship?

16 thoughts on “Today is Friendship Day

  1. Hello
    First, on the 28th of May we had a yellow day which we call Friendship Day. I got up and got ready to get dressed and put all my yellow things on. Then I got in the car and went to school when I arrived at school I ran up to the 4/5 building and saw my teacher Mrs Placek. She was ready to start the day in yellow clothes and then she marked the roll and then the Junior School Council went up and made scones. Then at 11:30am we got to go to the space where we work as a group with whole school and then we got some paper sun glasses and we went in to our house grups and the colours are Yellow, Red, Blue and Green. I am in Red house so I went in to a class room and I coloured my sun glasses! T

  2. Hi it’s Brent,
    It was fun dressing up yesterday. We did some activities they were fun a little bit. IT WOULD BE GOOD TO HAVE A LUCK DIP IN IN MRS LAFFANS lucky dip box.

    Bye for now
    From Brent

  3. Hello
    On Tuesday the 28th of May,Our school had Friendship day. We dressed up in yellow to celebrate and remember our friends.
    I have raised money for a charity before, last year when 3/4 C and 3/4K took part in inquiry with making Billy Carts. The money we got from selling the billy cart went towards a chosen Charity.
    You can care for a friend, help everyone and many more things.
    Friend ship means so much, when you’re the one helping and caring or when you’re the one getting help, if you help others they will help you.
    Happy Blogging

  4. Hi,
    I think that friendship is so important to everyone because if you didn’t show friendship to the school you wouldn’t have any friends and that would be so boring. My mum has donated some money for women with breast cancer. To show good friendship there was a new girl at my old school and at play time I showed her around and she made lots of new friends including me. When my buddy was new to the school she didn’t know what to do with her booklet and she didn’t know what it said on the top of the piece of paper so I read it to her and she understood it perfectly. One of the grade 1’s hurt themselves and I took them to the teacher she was ok for the rest of the day.

    Well I got to go now so see you
    later bye Alani.

    • Hi Alani

      It was nice of you to show someone new around the school and help the younger students. How have other people helped you and shown you friendship?

      It is important to have friends, isn’t it? You are right, it would be pretty boring without friends. Have you heard this quote before… “The only way to have a friend is to be one”. What do you think it might mean?

      From Mrs Placek

      • Hi Mrs Placek,

        Thanks for replying to me. My best freind LilyS she helped me because I was new to the school and I had
        no idea who eneyone was and Lily showed me around the school and we became
        bestfriends forever. It is important to have friends.
        No I have not heard of a quote.
        From Alani.

  5. Hi everyone its Brian here.

    I had fun on Friendship Day and I liked dressing up in yellow. We had one activity to complete and that was to make yellow sun glasses and I am going to tell you how!!!

    You will need:
    yellow paper, scissors and a pencil.
    Firstly, get your piece of paper and then draw some sun glasses.

    Secondly, cut them out and make sure they fit.

    Thirdly, now decorate and have fun with your yellow sun glasses.
    I hope I told you clearly and I also hope you understand me as well.

    Bye for now Brian.

    • Hi Brian

      Thanks for writing down a procedure on how to make the glasses, good idea!
      What sorts of things have you used written instructions for before? I have followed written instructions like recipes and instruction booklets!

      From Mrs Placek

  6. Hi,
    To me friendship day means caring for someone. I have donated money to a charityit was the RSPSCA I made the money by selling the billy cart me and my friends made at school for our inquiry topic. For friendship day we had to dress up in yellow to remember kids hat have died from cancer over the past years. The whole school made yellow sunglasses, there is a photo of me wearing my pair of sunglasses. I had a lot of fun.

    Bye for now, Gypsy

    • Hi Gypsy

      It was very generous of you to donate money to the RSPCA. Did you choose that charity? I can picture you choosing it because I know how much you love animals. I have donated money to lots of different charities. It’s nice to know you are putting money towards a worthy cause and helping others, isn’t it?

      From Mrs Placek

      • Hi Mrs Placek,
        Yeah your right I did it for the abandoned and sick animals fighting for their life at the RSPCA. I did choose the RSPCA and the group agreed with me. When I grow up I want to be a police lady on a horse, a vet, a famous horse rider, a trainer or even a instructor. Sometimes I wish I could do all of them.

        Bye Mrs Placek,

  7. Hello 4/5P and Mrs Placek
    I really enjoyed watching the slide show about your friendship day and everyone making the glasses.
    Can I ask what the significance of the glasses is?
    I think friendship is one of the most important things ever, everyone needs good friends.
    I must remember Friendship day next year and we can do something special for it too.
    Great blogging
    Mrs Beer

    • Hello Mrs Beer and class,

      The slide show was pretty cool, wasn’t it? It was a fun day and we raised a lot of money for the school.

      You asked us what the signifiance of the glasses were. Well, the glasses were just a way to rememeber Salvi and Ruby who were sick and sadly died. We celebrate when they were alive and how much fun they were!!

      We had a canteen lunch with scones, YUMMY!

      So sweet you said you will rememeber friendship day next year.

      Got to go,
      Tayla-Jade 🙂

  8. Hi Mrs Beer and class,
    The friendship day was really fun because you had fun with your freinds.
    We got to make glasses they were fun to make. Maybe you should have a friendship day maybe? Did you know how you ask us that question why we did the glasses. It was to remember two of our students Salvi and Ruby.
    Hope to talk to you again another time.

    Bye for now
    From Brent

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