Giant Pandas

We watched a DVD about Giant Pandas. A few days ago we read about Giant Pandas and how they are endangered species. Alex made a text-to-text connection – the book we read reminded him of a DVD he watched! Thank you Alex for bringing in the DVD to share with us all!!

Here are some of the facts we learnt about Giant Pandas:

– Pandas rub their paws and fur on rocks and trees and the next Giant Pandas that come along recognise their scent (Alani)

– When Giant Panda babies are first born, their mum doesn’t eat for 25 days because they are looking after the baby (Ebony)

– Giant Pandas eat 80 pounds of bamboo each day but only 17% gets digested (Tayla-Jade)

– There are only 1,200 Giant Pandas left (Roma)

– A panda’s face scares off predators because it looks like a clown’s mask (Grayson)

– Giant Pandas are a solitary animal (Kaitlyn)

– To survive, the baby Giant Pandas must learn by playing (Tyler)

– Giant Pandas are very shy and rarely aggressive (Scarlet)

– You are most likely to find them in the mountain ranges between North and South of China (Mia)

– Giant Pandas make a sound to communicate with other Pandas (Natasha)

– Giant Pandas eat different parts of the bamboo according to the season (Bailey)

– When their babies are born, they are pink (Alicia)

– The baby Giant Pandas are born very small (Roma)

– Giant Pandas are born blind (Gypsy)

– Giant Pandas have big teeth (Brian)

Do you know any facts about Giant Pandas? Have you ever watched a documentary or written a report about an animal? Have you ever seen a Giant Panda in real life?

4 thoughts on “Giant Pandas

  1. Hi 4/5s and Mrs Placek,
    I liked reading all your facts about Pandas. I didn’t know that panda mums don’t get to eat until 25 days after they have a baby. Why do they wait so long to eat? Is it because it is too hard to find food when you are trying to look after a baby? I would be very hungry by then! That reminds me of animals that hibernate in winter and go for a long time without food.

    I would love to see a panda. I think I would have to go to Adelaide to see one though becuase Adelaide Zoo is the only zoo in Australia that has them. I have heard that they have a video camera on the panda that you can watch on the internet, maybe you can see it. I wonder how easy it is to see a wild panda China? Do you think pandas ever get sick of eating bamboo?

    From Miss Kenny.

    • Hi Miss Kenny and 2K its Brian, Cam and Bradley here,

      We would like to see a Giant Panda as well. Out of us only Cam has seen a Giant Panda. Giant Pandas must have evolved to eating Bamboo. They don’t eat because they need to protect their babies.

      From Brian, Bradley and Cam

  2. Hi Miss Kenny,
    Thank you for reading our class’s facts about Pandas. They give the babies their full attention for 25 days. It does remind us of animals hibarnating during winter. We didn’t know that Adelaide Zoo had Pandas, watch out if you go there, they are 220 kg.
    We don’t think that they would get sick of it because bamboo is their favourite food, would you get sick of your favourite food?
    From Kaitlyn and Roma

  3. Hi Brian, Brad, Cam, Kaitlyn and Roma,

    Wow Cam you are lucky to have seen a real panda up close, I imagine there are not many people at our school who have! It sounds like pandas are very dedicated parents.

    If I ever go to the Adelaide zoo I will make sure I stay on the other side of the fence thanks Roma and Kaitlyn! Since I always have flowers in my hair a panda might mistake me for a plant! I don’t want to get eaten by a panda!

    One of my favourite foods is chocolate, I think if I ate it for breakfast and lunch and tea I might get sick of it. I would probably also feel very sick! I don’t think I’ll try that…

    From Miss Kenny.

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