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  1. Hi 4/5P

    Well done on this morning’s reading session. Everyone did a wonderful job of using text features to locate information. It was very interesting to listen to all the new facts you learnt about China.

    At the moment I am reading two books. The first one is called “A Year in the Valley” and this is the one I am reading for the story. The other one I am reading is a book called “I See What You Mean” and this is the book I am reading to find out new information. I haven’t read the whole thing, just bits and pieces here and there when I want to learn something new. I use text features like the index and the contents page to locate the information I’m looking for. It also has pictures and diagrams in it to help the reader understand the information in the text.

    What text features does your book have?

    Happy reading!
    From Mrs Placek

  2. Hi,
    I am reading a pony club secrets book called Comet and the Champions Cup. This book was recommended by Gypsy my friend.
    Some text features are paragraphs, titles, Chapters and a contents page. I am reading this book to get the story, but I have learnt a few facts too.
    Happy blogging and reading!

    • Hi Kaitlyn,
      I love Comet and the champions cup. Im reading Canterwood crest it has title, paragrphs and chapters just like your book.
      Do you like Comet and the champions cup?

      Talk to you soon,

      • Hi Gypsy,
        I love comet and the champions cup it is one of the best books in the world!
        I like Canter wood crest books to!
        What is your favourite part of Comet and The Champions cup?
        Happy Blogging,

  3. Hi Bradley speaking

    I am Reading Mascot Madness. I am reading it because I would like to read before bed each night and the book is interesting for me to read.

    From Bradley

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