iPad Apps – Popplet and Comic Life

The last few ICT and Inquiry sessions have been very exciting, as we have been learning how to use two new iPad apps – Popplet and Comic Life.

The first app we learnt to use is called Popplet. You use Popple to create a mind map of ideas. We watched a DVD called “One Day in Ping Wei” which follows a young Chinese girl through the events of a typical day in her life in China. We learnt so much from this DVD about what life was like in China, and so we hopped onto Popplet on the iPads to keep track of our thinking.

Here are some examples below. These are currently works-in-progress because next we are learning how to add pictures into the Popplets.

The next app we learnt to use is called Comic Life. You can make a comic using this app about anything! We used it to make an information page about Australian cities and environments. Some of us made information pages about China so that we could compare cities and environments between the two countries.

Here are some examples of the Comic Life pages we are currently creating.

Do you know a fact about China that we could have added to our information pages?
What could you use ‘Popplet’ or ‘Comic Life’ for?

22 thoughts on “iPad Apps – Popplet and Comic Life

  1. Hi everyone,

    I learnt most schools in China run from about 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., including a two-hour break for lunch, uniforms are typically required.
    I also learnt that soccer and basketball are popular, as is ping-pong, which requires little playing space in this crowded nation.
    I also learnt Tiaoqi (Chinese checkers) and Xiangqi (Chinese chess) are favorite board games.

    You can use Popplet and Comic Life for making a information page about things or making a recount.

    I have Comic Life, Puppet Pals and Popplet on my iPod and i love playing them all. They are fun!!

    Bye for now,
    Olivia M

  2. Hi,
    I think Popplet and Comic Life is really fun because
    Popplet you get to share your information and Comic Life you create something with a friend or independent.
    Well I got to go now so see you later bye.

  3. Hello 4/5P! Thank you so much for visiting out blog and commenting on our Masterchef mess! We were so excited to have visitors from another state that we thought we would jump on and look at your wonderful achievements. We love your Ipad apps. We too use popplet. We also use a great app called scribble! We would love to hear from you again soon.
    1/2E West Pennant Hills

    • Hi 1/2E

      Thanks for letting us know about an app called Scribble. We haven’t heard of that one before! What do you recommend using it for?

      From 4/5P

  4. Hi everyone,
    I would use Comic life or popplet for remembering facts or work you need to write down.

    I do know a fact about China, They work very hard in fields near there village. Some people ride bikes to school that would be awesome. China has 40.000 different types of rice, Wow

    I wonder what it would feel like living in China?
    I wonder what they would feel?

    Bye for now,

  5. Hello everyone,
    I enjoy taking part of having the ipads in the classroom. It is fun working in pairs and going on the ipads!
    I would use Comic Life for making comics and doing fun things.I would make a page about horses! It is cool how we can get pictures!
    I would also do a page about horses on Poplet. I love doing Poplet. It is fun because you can research information and then put in a Poplet.

    A Fact about China is that they have 40,000 different types of rice! How cool is that?

    Do you like taking part of the ipads? What is your favourite app? Did you know that there are 40,000 different types of rice?
    I hope you like my comment,

  6. Hi Mrs Placek,
    I would use Comic life and Popplet to organise Facts that I have leant in one day. You can also use Popplet and Comic Life for making a information page about things or making a recount.
    A fact about china is they ride on bikes or take a bus to work or school. It would not be that fun for you to ride to school each day! They also work extreamly hard in the fields for their villages.
    I would probably be out of breath working in China For just 10 minutes.
    Do you know any other facts?
    Bye for now Kaitlyn

    • Hi Kaitlyn,

      What a great suggestion, to use Popplet for a recount! Perhaps you could try it with a seed from your Writer’s Notebook?

      You know lots of interesting facts about China. I agree, it wouldn’t be much fun riding your bike to school every day… that would be a very long trip for me, I would have to get up very early!

      I heard a fact on the radio this morning about China. They said that 8 is a very lucky number in China and the colour red is also considered lucky!

      I am excited to teach the Preps about the traditional Chinese games we learnt, are you?

      From Mrs Placek

  7. Hi it’s Brent,
    Doing China for our topic this year is pretty fun.
    Because we get to go on the ipads and go on the apps and put information on the apps.

    China have way more people than we have in Australia.They even eat rice in the morning that’s weird. I can’t believe they start school at 7:30 to 5:30
    we start at 9:00 to 3:30 so they get more hours than us at school. I wouldn’t want to live there.

    China have one side of their country that are rich a little bit and the other side poor.The the poor side would have no running water and no proper food.
    The other side would have cities, houses, running water and food.

    The app we used to put our information about China was called Comic Life. The app is fun as well maybe you can use it?

    Bye for now
    From Brent

    • Hi Brent

      It does seem strange to us that rice is eaten for breakfast in China, doesn’t it? I wonder if they think some of our food is strange. I’m sure they do!

      What is the strangest thing you have eaten for breakfast?

      From Mrs Placek

      • Hi Mrs Placek,
        The strangest that I’ve eaten is pasta for breakfast because for footy to give me a lot of energy. It is yum AS WELL.

        Bye for now
        From Brent

  8. Hey everybody!

    Did anybody know? that the most famous pizza topping in Japan isn’t anything like anchovies, but comes from the same place, which is squid.

    I say you can use Comic Life for things like George and Harold use for in ‘Captain Underpants’ which is making amusing comics and “Flip’o’rama’s”

    This is my quality comment on our blog,
    Gotta go so
    Good Bye from Grayson.

    • Hi Grayson,

      Well that is a new piece of information for me! Squid on pizza! I wonder if it tastes nice?

      Maybe you should make a comic on Comic Life of your own? It could be inspired by the Captain Underpants comics you have read!

      From Mrs Placek

  9. Dear 4/5P

    I had so much fun on the IPads I haven’t doen commic life yet but it was fun doing Popplet I learn’t a lot watching One Day in Ping Wei but I did know a few things already they are only allowed to have one child due to how many people are in China. Did you know China is the third biggest country in the wold but has the most amount of population in the world?

    As well as teaching us fiction to write on Comic Life, maybe you could teach how to do a proper comic too? It would be very fun. Plus who knows we might become professional in the future.

    Bye for now

  10. Hi 4/5P,
    I would use Comic Life for making comics without using paper, it helps me with litrecy. We have talked about comic life in our I.C.T captain meetings and we thought it was a great app. Popplet is good for making a map of what you know about something. We also trialled the app and it was ok we didn’t really know what use we could use it for. Im sorry I dont know what we could put on our China information pages :(.
    bye for now Cam 🙂

  11. Hi Bradley speaking,

    I have used comic life on the ipads too.My comic was on Austrialian citiyes. I liked useing comic life because I liked the topic and it was interesting to use a new app on the ipads.

    From Bradley

    • Hi Brad

      What were some of the facts you put on your Comic Life about Australian cities?

      What else could you use Comic Life for?

      From Mrs Placek

      • Hi Mrs Placek,
        I put on about the cities and famous landmarks. That’s what I did but I’m not finshed yet. I wonder what Bradley did?

        Bye for now
        From Brent

  12. Hello 4/5P
    We used Comic Life in our ICT meetings. I think Comic life is better than the average comics! It`s really cool and makes reading, writing and inquiry more FUN!

    From Tyler

  13. hi 4/5p

    I think poplet is good because you can learn some nice stuff on it. Puppet Pals is educational because it is good for peforming arts. And yet again the ipads are fun…. bye for now from Nick

  14. Hi 4/5P,

    I liked Comic Life more than Popplet because I liked making the poster about the city.

    I have learned that China is a big country. India, North Korea and Russia are some of China’s neighbours. Did you know that?

    I like learning about China.

    Bye for now

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