Sampling food from Asian Countries on PhotoPeach

Which food was your favourite? Did the taste remind you of a different type of food?
What are some of the facts you learnt from the PLANET FOOD “Southern China” DVD?

Today is Friendship Day

Friendship is one of our school values and so on Tuesday 28th May we held our school’s annual Friendship Day. The Friendship Day is held every year in memory of two students, Ruby and Salvi. The theme of the day was ‘Yellow’ and all students wore yellow and created and decorated yellow sunglasses as our Friendship Day activity. Everyone’s glasses looked fantastic – we know because we saw everyone in the Yellow Parade! There was a prize for the people who wore the most yellow. We raised heaps of money for The Challenge Program. The money is to help kids who are sick in hospital.
On Friendship Day we had also had a special lunch. Thank you to Family and Friends group, Maggie and the Junior School Council for organising and helping on the day.

Friendship Day on PhotoPeach

What does Friendship mean to you?

Brent: Friendship means being nice to your friends and playing with each other.
Olivia S: Friendship means being nice to other.
Bailey: Friendship means to respect each other, connect with each other and always be nice to each other. Friends apologise if there’s a fight.
Mia: Friendship means you help your friends and cheer them up when they’re not feeling 100 per cent.
Dylan: Friendship means making new friends by asking if you can play, or including other people in your games.
Kayla: Friendship means being nice to your friends and caring about each other.
Natasha: Friendship means treating people like you want to be treated and respecting each other.

Have you ever raised money for or donated money to a charity before?

What things can you do to be a good friend and show the value of friendship?


On Friday morning the Bushwahzee band played a concert for us and taught us some dance moves. After the concert, we split into grade groups and a member of the band taught us some dances in preparation for Friday night’s Bushwahzee concert. After school lots of students, families and friends gathered at a local hall to perform their dances. It was an exciting and fun night at the hall, with loud music and lots of dancing. Thank you everyone who made the day and night fun! The room was filled with lots of energy, laughter and dancing!

Rehearsing for Bushwahzee on PhotoPeach

Performing our Dances! on PhotoPeach

<iframe width=”445″ height=”296″ src=”http://photopeach.com/embed/sg6vig” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Which dance did you enjoy the most and why?
Have you ever performed in front of an audience before? What was it like and how did you feel?

Giant Pandas

We watched a DVD about Giant Pandas. A few days ago we read about Giant Pandas and how they are endangered species. Alex made a text-to-text connection – the book we read reminded him of a DVD he watched! Thank you Alex for bringing in the DVD to share with us all!!

Here are some of the facts we learnt about Giant Pandas:

– Pandas rub their paws and fur on rocks and trees and the next Giant Pandas that come along recognise their scent (Alani)

– When Giant Panda babies are first born, their mum doesn’t eat for 25 days because they are looking after the baby (Ebony)

– Giant Pandas eat 80 pounds of bamboo each day but only 17% gets digested (Tayla-Jade)

– There are only 1,200 Giant Pandas left (Roma)

– A panda’s face scares off predators because it looks like a clown’s mask (Grayson)

– Giant Pandas are a solitary animal (Kaitlyn)

– To survive, the baby Giant Pandas must learn by playing (Tyler)

– Giant Pandas are very shy and rarely aggressive (Scarlet)

– You are most likely to find them in the mountain ranges between North and South of China (Mia)

– Giant Pandas make a sound to communicate with other Pandas (Natasha)

– Giant Pandas eat different parts of the bamboo according to the season (Bailey)

– When their babies are born, they are pink (Alicia)

– The baby Giant Pandas are born very small (Roma)

– Giant Pandas are born blind (Gypsy)

– Giant Pandas have big teeth (Brian)

Do you know any facts about Giant Pandas? Have you ever watched a documentary or written a report about an animal? Have you ever seen a Giant Panda in real life?

Education Week Celebration

This week is Education Week. Our school decided to celebrate by pairing up with a buddy grade and teaching each other something new. Our theme was “Asia”.

The Grade 4/5s have been studying China and so we decided to teach the Preps the traditional Chinese games we researched yesterday (see our Traditional Chinese Games post below).

The Preps have been learning about Indonesia and so they told us about the buildings, farms and markets in Indonesia.

Thank you to Prep W and the parents who joined us for a fantastic, fun-filled afternoon! We hope you enjoyed the activities as much as we did! Thanks for teaching us new things about Indonesia. We hope you learnt some new things about China.
Education Week Celebration on PhotoPeach

Traditional Chinese Games

What games do the children in China like to play? Today we found out!
We researched traditional Chinese games….and we discovered that some were very much like the ones we play, just with a different name. A small group of students got one game assigned to them – they had to research it, learn to play it and then teach the rest of the grade how to play! (Tomorrow we will be teaching the grade Preps the traditional Chinese games, as part of our Education Week Celebration.)

Traditional Chinese Games on PhotoPeach

After we learnt and played a variety of traditional Chinese games, we wrote procedures. Check out some of our procedures below. Maybe you would like to play them with your grades or families!

chinese jump rope.docx

Pick Up 7 Game.docx


Chasing the Dragon’s Tail.docx

Have you played any of these games before? Which one is your favourite?
Do you know of any other games that are popular in another country?
What are some of your favourite games?

iPad Apps – Popplet and Comic Life

The last few ICT and Inquiry sessions have been very exciting, as we have been learning how to use two new iPad apps – Popplet and Comic Life.

The first app we learnt to use is called Popplet. You use Popple to create a mind map of ideas. We watched a DVD called “One Day in Ping Wei” which follows a young Chinese girl through the events of a typical day in her life in China. We learnt so much from this DVD about what life was like in China, and so we hopped onto Popplet on the iPads to keep track of our thinking.

Here are some examples below. These are currently works-in-progress because next we are learning how to add pictures into the Popplets.

The next app we learnt to use is called Comic Life. You can make a comic using this app about anything! We used it to make an information page about Australian cities and environments. Some of us made information pages about China so that we could compare cities and environments between the two countries.

Here are some examples of the Comic Life pages we are currently creating.

Do you know a fact about China that we could have added to our information pages?
What could you use ‘Popplet’ or ‘Comic Life’ for?

4/5P Journalists Published!

We’ve been published! At the end of last term Kaitlyn, Tayla-Jade and Roma interviewed the School Leaders. With the information gained from the interveiw, the girls then wrote an article and sent it into the Town Crier. In the May issue, Volume 274, their article was published!

The article can be found in the May edition of the Town Crier, or can be read here:


Please leave our journalists some feedback about their writing!

Keep your eye out in local publications such as magazines and newspapers for the next lot of articles written by some of the students in 4/5P!

Have you ever had an article or your photo published in the local newspaper or newsletter?
If you were to write an informative article, what would you write about?
What are some other examples of non-fiction writing?