Writer’s Notebook Update…featuring Brad and Tayla-Jade’s writing!

Our Writer’s Notebooks are under way! We are beginning to fill them our ‘seeds’ that spark ideas for new writing pieces. We use different graphic organisers to help us display our thinking.

Here are a couple of student examples of writing, complete with their descriptions about how they went about composing and revising their drafts.

Brad’s draft in his Writer’s Notebook

The Writing and Revising Process ~ by Bradley 18/4/13
We watched a clip called the Gate of Youth on www.literacyshed.com to get ideas for writing. The clip was funny and it was a good way to get ideas for writing because it was interesting to watch.
I chose to write a narrative about a scientist because I like writing stories and I love science. I decided to write a story about an old man who went through a time machine to get younger. I liked being able to choose my own topic because it meant I was able to write about things I like, like science.
I wrote a draft first. I was thinking as I was writing about creating a new and different piece of writing, not just copying the clip. I had to think about interesting words otherwise the reader would get bored reading it. I made the middle and the end up as I went along because they just sounded right. I chose to have a sad ending because I didn’t want it to be like most books which have happy endings.
When I was revising, I read over my writing a few times. I needed to change a few words because some parts didn’t make sense. I added some words to take the place of some words I had to rub out. I chose to put in more interesting words.
The next stage for me is to get someone else to read it. That will help because sometimes I read it quickly and over and over so I think it’s right. If someone else reads it and there is a word that’s missing they can point it out and I can change it.
I think I have improved writing a lot because in Grade 2 I couldn’t think of anything and just wrote goofy stories about living roast moose and silly bats that didn’t make sense! Now I am a more experienced writer!

Tayla-Jade’s draft in her Writer’s Notebook

The Writing and Revising Process ~ by Tayla-Jade 18/4/13
I watched a clip to get ideas for writing. When I was watching it, I was thinking that the man’s family might come and try the Gate of Youth as well. So I decided to write a narrative about this.
I drafted my story. I had to think about what was going to happen in the story and how I’d make it interesting for the reader.
When I thought of a new idea as I was writing, I had to think about where I would fit it in.
When I finished my draft, I reread it a couple of times to add in interesting words to make my sentences more interesting. I had to make sure that all of the words were spelt right and that my writing made sense.
I used the Revising Cards and chose a strategy from them to edit my writing.
I have improved by creating interesting sentences. I don’t care what other people think, I just write about what I want and write what I think sounds good.
The next step for me as a writer is using a variety of words. I would like to write longer stories.

What strategies do you use when you are writing?
What do you think you have improved on and what is the next step for you as a writer?

16 thoughts on “Writer’s Notebook Update…featuring Brad and Tayla-Jade’s writing!

  1. Thank you for sharing your writing journey with us Bradley and Tayla-Jade!

    I am looking forward to reading everyone’s writing!

    From Mrs Placek

    • Hello Mrs Placek,
      Tommorow I am locking fowed to go on with my story it is so far about a talking aranatang!
      Why don’t u make a story on the weekend?
      Got to go
      Bailey 🙂

      • Hello Bailey

        I am looking forward to reading your narrative about a talking orangutan. If I were to guess your purpose for writing I would say to entertain people and make them laugh. Am I right!
        I have been working on my Writer’s Notebook. I started it over the holidays and I will show you all very soon! Maybe I will write a narrative for kids as one of my writing pieces, thank you for your suggestion. I wonder which seed I have in my notebook that could spark an idea for a narrative?
        See you tomorrow,

        Mrs Placek

    • Hello Mrs Placek,

      It was my pleasure to share my piece of writing with the world.

      What strategies do you use when you are writing- I use the ‘ Does my writing make sense’ strategy from the revising and editing cards.
      What do you think you have improved on and what is your next step as a writer- I think I have improved on creating interesting sentences, I don’t care what other people think I just write what sounds right and makes sense. I think the next step as a writer for me is trying to use a variety of words and I would like to try and write longer stories e.g narratives and pursasive texts.

      Well, I have to go,


  2. Hi Mrs Placek

    When I am writing I like to plan my writing. I also reread my writing. What do you like to write?

    Bye for now

    • Hi Kayla

      Rereading your writing is a good strategy to check your writing makes sense. I like to write short stories the best. I also like to write lists! I think that counts don’t you? I write lists for EVERYTHING! I need to write a list of all the lists I have made! What about you?

      See you tomorrow
      Mrs Placek

    • Hi Kaya
      I like doing that to when i right is well.When i right a story or nartiv i think it is so much more fun think about what im going to right about.And i like it when i make a story because you can make up stuff like a dog with wings and a cat with with horns it sinde a bit wierd but it is very CRAXY it sims.But i like bing very CRXY it is my thing bing very CRAXY
      Bye for now

  3. Hello world!
    The strategy I use is the improvising strategy. It includes trying to improvise so in your writing you make sure that you haven’t used the same words all the time.
    I believe that I have improved with my sentancing so now I use more descripive words.
    The next step for me will be trying to expand on the amount of verbs nouns and adjectives I put in my work.

    Improvise: changing things to work as good or better than before.
    eg. if you had an idea to tell the teacher but someone already you will have to improvise and change to another idea.
    Bye for now

  4. hi guys it’s Brian here.

    The stragies that I used was you can right the word a couple of times and circle the one that looks right.

    I think I improved my reading because if I am stuck on, a word I will read the rest of the sentance, and then come back the that word.The next step fror me to be a writer is to get the puntantion where it needs to be.

  5. Hello world
    I really enjoy using my writers Note Book. I like doing the Think Feel Wonder with the photos I wish i would remember to bring in my own photos in.
    Bye for now

    • Hi Gypsy,
      I really enjoy using my writers Note Book, I like doing the Think Feel Wonder, it was fun but I keep forgetting
      to bring them, hopefully I will remember
      next week.

      bye for Tash

  6. Hello World,
    I really like using Writers Notebook! It makes me really think about what they would be doing in the picture. I liked doing Snapshot the best!!!!

    What is your favourite one?

  7. Hi Brad speaking,

    I think the next step for me in writing is spelling all the words in my story right. Because if you don’t spell all of the words right no one else can read it.

    From Brad

  8. Hi Brad and Olivia speaking,

    I think that I have inproved in spelling. Because I could not spell depressed and inproved.

    From Brad and Olivia

  9. Hi
    When im writing I sound it out and then get another piece of paper and do the stagety does it look right.
    I think I’ve got better at my spelling.

    From Gypsy:)

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