Water Parks COMPLETE!

What a fabulous job 4/5P have done creating their Water Parks. We have calculated the perimeters of each attraction within our park and are now moving on to the area!

What did you learn about perimeter when creating your Water Park?
What was easy?
What was challenging?

2 thoughts on “Water Parks COMPLETE!

  1. Hello class,
    Well done to every one who finished their fun park!!
    Doing this was raelly fun!
    What was your park called? my park was call splash out!!
    got to go
    Bailey 🙂

  2. hi everyone
    i was away the day we did the water parks but the photos on the blog look great and they look like they were heaps of fun.

    what was your favourite part of doing the water park?

    any way what i really want to know is what is your favourite part of the blog? mine would have to be that every time i go on there is a new post.

    bye for now

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