3 thoughts on “Tyler and Olivia S’s Last Day of Term 1

  1. Hello 4/5P
    My favourite subject was Art and in class with Mrs Placek was suitcase of learning!
    I am at My grandmas and Pops house. they have a boat and we might go in it tommorrow!
    What are you doing for Easter?
    I am having fish and vegetables for dinner!
    I hope you have a good Eater and I will stay in touch over Easter!
    Bye for now
    Talk to you later

  2. Hi
    We felt Happy
    Kayla: I felt happy because i got easter eggs.
    Gypsy: I felt happy because i get to spend time with my pony.

    We are exited about term 2 because
    Gypsy:learning different things.
    Kayla: Going on skoodle

    From Kayla and Gypsy 4/5P

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