Water Parks Under Construction!!

The students of 4/5P are designing water parks!

When we have finished the parks, we will need to work out the area and perimeter of all of the attractions within the park, as well as the park itself!

Wipe Out, Animal Park, Gypsy’s Water Park, Splash Out, Circus Water Park, Splash Out Cash Free, Splat Park, Splash-A-Lot, Wet and Wild, Extreme Water Park, Wet and Wild Fun Park, Sudden Death Park, Fun Day are just some of the creative names for our water parks!

I can’t wait to see the finished water parks!

What would you name a water park and what attractions would your park have?

2 thoughts on “Water Parks Under Construction!!

  1. Hello 4/5P
    I liked doing our water parks!
    It was great fun!
    I think mine was set out pretty neat!
    I think that we all put a lot of effot in our water parks!
    Do you like water parks?
    I think that we all wanted to keep on doing it?
    I am also looking foward to sunday because it is easter bunnys visit!!
    Do you leave a carrot out for him? because I do!!
    I think he might like us if we leave a carrot out for him!! 🙂 :0
    Do you like lots of chococlate?
    He hides them on us and we have to find them?
    I like finding them but not only that I like eating it!!
    Bye for now
    Olivia S

  2. Hi Olivia,

    I agree, it was great that everyone put so much effort into their Water Parks. I am about to upload some pictures of the finished Water Parks. You should all be proud of your efforts and learning. I thought it was especially great that we used mathematic language in our Reflection Time.

    Can someone make a statement using the words ‘area’ and ‘perimeter’ to state what we have learnt while completing our Water Parks?

    Mrs Placek

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