Harmony Day – by Alani and Olivia S

Harmony Day is a day where we celebrate the diversity of Australians.

Harmony Day was on Thursday 21st March. In our classroom we read about what Harmony Day was at http://www.harmony.gov.au/about and then we made chatterboxes. Inside the chatterbox were quiz questions that we completed with a partner. It was tricky for some people to make the chatterbox because it had a lot of paper folding involved! Here is a picture of the questions that were inside the chatterbox:

We made paper chain people and coloured them in. Underneath we wrote facts about Harmony Day.
We made balloons for Harmony Day.

We each had a ‘Diversity Challenge’ to complete. We got our challenge through using a different chatterbox which can be found on the Harmony Day website.

These are some of the Harmony Day Diversity Challenges we completed and what we found out:
1. Find someone who is bilingual (can speak two languages)
Ebony: “My nan can speak English and French.”

2. Learn how to say ‘hello’ in another language
Tayla-Jade: “Bonjour is hello in French.”

3. Learn how to say ‘goodbye’ in another language
Seth: “Au revoir is goodbye in French.”
Natasha: “Ciao means goodbye.”

4. Learn how to say something in another language.
Brent: “Ciao means hello or goodbye.”

5. Find someone who was born in another country.
Tyler: “My pa was born in another country.”
Brad: “Mia.”

6. Find someone who has been to another country.
Dylan: “My mum and dad.”
Roma: “Me, my mum and my dad.”Alani: “French.”

7. Find out another language that is spoken in Australia.
Alani: “French.”
Olivia: “French.”

8. Find a food that has come from another country.
Gypsy: “I think Kiwi Fruit came from New Zealand.”

We also wrote acrostic poems about Harmony Day.
Here are some of the poems:

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