Welcome to 2013!

Hello everyone!

Here it is, my first post – very exciting! Not the first post on the blog though, I think the parents got in before me at Parent Information Night last week!

I hope you are all having lovely relaxing weekends after your first few weeks at school!

What has been your ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE part of the school year so far? Mine has been meeting all of you, my new grade for 2013…..followed very, very closely by having you for singing on Friday. That was so much fun, I think you all had fun too judging by all the laughing and the smiling faces! “Fireflies” has been in my head all weekend!

See you tomorrow for another busy, fun, exciting, happy week!

Mrs Placek

26 thoughts on “Welcome to 2013!

    • Hi Olivia
      I did not know you had your own blog. How do you get onto it?
      I have not bean on any other blog ecept ours.
      What is your favourite thing at school?

      From Gypsy

  1. Hi 4/5 p Its Brian here
    I am wondering what we are going to do in science in term 2,3 and 4.I am also enjoying reading,math and inquiry.I would like to know what everyone else thinks?

  2. Hey 4/5 p

    My name Is chloe and I am olivia m’s sister.
    Have you all been on my class blog my class blog is 2k

    Bye for now

  3. Hi, it’s Roma,
    My favourite part of the year was meeting Mrs Placek because she is really nice! I am looking forward to singing this week. I didn’t last week because I was sick. Is it fun?
    Bye for now,Roma

    • Hey Roma it’s me Olivia.

      Yes it was fun singing with Mrs Placek!! We were singing ‘Fireflies’!!
      It was funny!! You should have been there!!

      Bye for now Olivia

  4. Hey, It’s Bailey from 4/5P! 🙂 As you all know school is back! Last year I was in Miss Crowther’s cass and wehad a blog. My favourite part of coming back to school is caching up with my friends and playing spor. I LOVE SPORT!!! 🙂 Because I like to run around!!!

    Bye for now
    Bailey 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Hi its Olivia
    My favourite thing about this year has been Singing and Reading.
    I like being at school.
    I like thiis class blog it is cool!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    I like singing because we are working on fire flys that is are song!
    Do you like singing?
    Do you have a blog?
    Do you like reading?
    Bye for now

  6. Hi 4/5 P,
    my favourite parts of the year so far have been having a buddy and having a new class blog. I love reading other peoples comments and replying to them on the blog.
    bye for now!

  7. Hi its Cam from 4/5P 🙂
    As most of you know my birthday is only 3 days away. 🙂 I was sick yesterday and Tuesday so I couldn’t go to school.
    My favourite part of the year so far is sport. What is yours? Any way enjoy the rest of the year bye Cam 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • hi cam how are you going?

      i just wanted to know how you got a picture 🙂 on the web. 🙂 🙂 :):(

      bye for now george. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • I would like to know how you got you little aveter thing too!! 🙂 Is it because you used your own wabsite 🙂
      Happy blogging
      Bailey 🙂

  8. Hi 4/5p,
    Eb here, my favourite things where singing because the boys where funny! & meet new friends because I like new friends
    I can’t the to see what the year has to bring! 🙂

  9. Hi it’s Brent,
    My favouite three things at school are singing,blogging and sport because singing because it was really fun. Blogging is fun because I loved it last year. Sport is fun because I play alot of sports and I like running around.
    Bye for now
    From Brent

  10. Hi my is Natasha,
    my favourite subject at school is singing wirth a group of people. I do not like to sing by my self and I also like art. I like to use my imagination.
    for Natasha . .

  11. Hi its Olivia
    I liked singing!
    I love the song fireflys it is an awesome song!!! 🙂 🙂
    Do you like fireflys?
    I like having a blog it is cool!
    I love Miss crowther blog last year and now 4/5Ps blog this year it is awesome to!!
    I hope we get a lot of blogging badies!
    Bye for now

  12. Hi 4/5P,

    Great to see your blog is up and running! Are you going to get a blog pet? 2K has got a turtle named Shelly, can you guess why we called her that?

    Tomorrow (Monday) is my birthday! Please come and say ‘happy birthday’ to me 🙂 Happy birthday to Cam for Sunday 🙂

    What kind of texts are you writing this week? We are going to write narratives. I hope we come up with some creative and exciting stories. Last week we studied procedures and learnt ho to do a magic trick. You can ask someone in 2K to show it to you.

    Bye for now,
    Miss Kenny.

    • Hi,Miss Kenny we like your lego super girl picture. yes we do have a class pet it’s a roadrunner. we think you called your turtle shelly because turtules have shells as Nick says good armor. Happy Birthday 🙂 thanks miss kenny for saying happy birthday 🙂 seeya From Nick And Cam.

  13. Hello 4/5P
    This is a comment from the future. It is 8/11/2013. Me and Bailey are in 1F while you have gone swimming with the class.
    See you later alligators!
    Tyler 2013 ICT Captain.

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