It is better to live now than in the past.

Are you for or against this statement?

Each week the students of 4/5P have been adding evidence to our debate wall. We need to decide whether we agree with the statement “It is better to live now than in the past*”  or whether we disagree. Then we find evidence to support our view.

*For this debate, we defined ‘living in the past’ as living in Australia before European settlement. 

Which view do you take – for or against?

What evidence would you add to our debate wall?




Welcome to 2013!

Hello everyone!

Here it is, my first post – very exciting! Not the first post on the blog though, I think the parents got in before me at Parent Information Night last week!

I hope you are all having lovely relaxing weekends after your first few weeks at school!

What has been your ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE part of the school year so far? Mine has been meeting all of you, my new grade for 2013…..followed very, very closely by having you for singing on Friday. That was so much fun, I think you all had fun too judging by all the laughing and the smiling faces! “Fireflies” has been in my head all weekend!

See you tomorrow for another busy, fun, exciting, happy week!

Mrs Placek