Last Day!

Today is the last school day for 2013!

To celebrate, and to see how far we have come and how much we have grown, we opened our time capsules. We made the time capsules at the beginning of the year and in each student’s time capsule was a record of their height, an outline of their feet and hands, and a photo. We had also written down some wishes for the end of the year.

The time capsules had been hidden in our classroom until we got them out today. We opened them up and were surprised at how much we had grown in a year!

Grayson = 10cm
Bailey = 12cm
Mia = 2cm
Brad = 0.5cm
George = 11cm
Brent = 11cm
Scarlet = 12cm

Brad hands and feet didn’t grow at all but Mia’s shoe size was 3 start of the year and now it is a size 4.

Bailey wanted to get better at a pull shot and cut shot in cricket and a drop punt in footy…his wish came true!
Tayla-Jade wanted to learn to control her anger and said she is better at it now.
Ebony wanted to improve in sport and Kaitlyn wanted to get better at spelling and now they are!

What have you achieved this year? What are you most proud of?

This is our last post for the 2013 school year! We will be creating a new blog next year and hope you will stay updated with what is happening in our new classroom!

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Magazine Launch

On Wednesday 18th December the Grade 4/5/6 students hosted a magazine launch for Global UPdate, a magazine written by the students of Upper Plenty in collaboration with students from around the world.

Students, teachers, friends and family dressed in red, because all profits from the magazine are being donated to the Red Cross.

Nicole from the Red Cross came to speak to the audience about where the money was going to go, and presented the school captains with a certificate of appreciation on behalf of the Red Cross.

Mrs M from England Skyped with us to tell us about her experiences in assisting the students to write the magazine and we also spoke to Jeremy via Skype. He is currently in Sydney, on the home stretch of his 50,000km bike ride. Jeremy spoke to us about his travels and all of the interesting things he has seen and experienced.

Students sold the magazine at the launch and served red food and drinks. Some students spoke about their experiences writing a magazine and there was a student panel who answered questions from the audience.

It was a lovely morning and we all enjoyed celebrating our wonderful achievements.

We thank family and friends for coming, and Mrs M and Jeremy for Skyping with us. Thank you to Nicole for visiting on behalf of the Red Cross.

Christmas Around the World!

Christmas is now less than one week away!

Today we read about how different countries celebrate Christmas.

Choose one of the countries we read about and write a summary. How do people in that country celebrate Christmas? What did you find the most interesting? What are some traditions in that country?

How does your family celebrate Christmas?


Global UPdate Magazine

One of our major projects this term has been to publish a magazine. Our magazine, now published, is called ‘Global UPdate’ and tomorrow we are hosting a magazine launch for friends and family.

Writing our magazine has been a fun, rewarding and, at times, challenging task. It has involved a lot of hard work, dedication and enthusiasm to complete the magazine.

The magazine was first introduced to us by the teachers at the beginning of Term 4. We couldn’t wait to begin and had lots of ideas about what we might be able to include in the magazine. Our magazine was to focus on similarities and differences of the lives of children from all around the world.

After we had all chosen a topic, we began our research. Our research involved Skyping, blogging, emailing, interviewing and gathering information from books and the internet. We spoke with students and teachers from all around the globe – from Japan, China, India, Hong Kong, Germany, England and Canada.

Some of our articles include:

– Step into Schools

– Fun School Yard Games

– Collections

– Top Beats from Around the World

– Furry Friends From Far Away


– Natural Disasters…

and many, many more!

Our magazine are being sold for $15.00 and the profits are going to the Red Cross, who help people all around the world.

We are very excited about the official launch of Global UPdate tomorrow!

What did you write your article about? How did you gather information? What do you like to read magazines about?

End of the Year!

We have been busy, busy, busy moving classrooms and finishing off projects as the school year comes to a close. We have enjoyed many things this year such as camp, incursions, writing a magazine and doing different sports.

Although there are only three days left of school, there are still many things to look forward to and it’s shaping up to be a very busy week for us! Tomorrow we have our Global UPdate magazine launch and our class parties.

What has been your favourite thing about this year? What are you looking forward to next year? What messages do you have for your fellow classmates as you head off into the Christmas holidays?

Summarising non-fiction text

In reading we have been learning how to summarise texts. A summary needs to include main ideas and it must be in your own words. It also has to be short.

We have practised summarising both fiction and non-fiction text. On Friday the non-fiction text we summarised was called Inspirational Lives: Jamie Oliver.

In pairs, we each had a double page to summarise. We did ‘Read to Someone’ then summarised each section of our double page, including all of the main ideas in our own words. Next, the class presented their summaries to each other, in order of the book. By the time everyone had presented, it was like we had read the whole book because we knew what happened from start to finish!

Finally, we each wrote a summary of the whole book.

This is Roma’s summary:

Jamie Oliver is a TV Chef. He loves to cook. He went around the country to different schools. He was horrified that the children ate so much junk food. He wrote a petition for everyone to sign. Many people signed it and the Government changed the rules, so that lunches and school dinners were much healthier. Growing up in a pub meant that Jamie could cook. He loved to cook for others. Jamie thought that you didn’t have to be good at school to be a great chef.

This is George’s summary:

Jamie Oliver grew up in a pub. Jamie got to cook when he was young. He loved cooking food for other people. Jamie thought that you didn’t need to be good at school to be a chef.

What did you learn about Jamie Oliver?
When have you used summarising, outside of the classroom?

Guinea Pigs Come to School! By Bailey

Today we had some guinea pig guests in our classroom.
On Sunday 10th November Maxi the mum had five baby guinea pigs. They have black, white and brown fur. Two are curly, two are straight-haired and one is fluffy.
3 more guinea pigs at home are pregnant too and are ready to have their babies any day now.

Here are some facts about guinea pigs:
They eat apples, lettuce, cucumber, carrot, dry cereals, grass, bread, watermelon, rockmelon, muesli and guinea pig seed.
Sometimes there are guinea pig competitions where guinea pigs are dressed up and win prizes.
Their lifespan might be 5-10 years but sometimes shorter. The longest I’ve had one is 6 years.
They live in cages, pens or hutches.
They sleep in hay or wood shaving. They also eat their beds!

All of 4/5P enjoyed having the guinea pigs visit.

What would you name five baby guinea pigs?
Do you have guinea pigs or are you going to get one?
What pet/pets do you have and how do you look after it?


The 31st October is Halloween!

Today the students came to school dressed up in costume, participated in a fun 10-station obstacle course and had a BBQ lunch, all organised by the Family and Friends group.

What other celebrations do you know of?
What was your favourite part of the obstacle course?